Defensive Driving Attitude

When you use defensive driving skills, you allow yourself more time to react to any given situation on the road. With this step by step driver education guide you will be able to drive to survive.

Never allow any other road user to take your safety away from you. This guide will give you the tools for you to retain control of your own vehicle and space on the roads.

What are defensive drivers and what sets them apart from any other road user? The answer to this question is simply, awareness, and preparation. Being aware of your surroundings, road conditions and other vehicles on the road, and knowing what to do about it. Itís about being able to identify hazards, both potential and actual. It is the attitude.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been in a situation while driving down the road within the speed limit, only to have an aggressive type of driver come screaming up behind you and almost jump into the back seat? Not only that, he then starts flashing his lights at you and waving in your direction trying to make eye contact. I know I know, I can see you nodding your head saying, yes that has happened to me on a few occasions.

Well I can promise you that it happens quite often. Or what about the guy who manages to wander all over the road because he is so drunk he canít even see the road? How do you handle these situations, and how will using your defensive driving skills keep you safe on the road? These questions and many more will be answered in the following sections.

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Defensive cornering
Defensive drivers know exactly what cornering techniques are all about. This online course guide gives you the tools to be able to handle any type of corner with confidence and ease.

We know that we have to keep our eyes open when we drive, but what exactly are you looking for? Scanning conjures up the image of someone or something actively seeking things out.

Following Defensive
Following other vehicles too close is not only dangerous itís crazy. Defensive driving is about being prepared and aware. So BACK OFF!!!!

Defensive Passing
Defensive passing is all about knowing where you are on the road. What other vehicles are around you and driving to suit the conditions. Defensive driving puts you in control, ready to act.

Hazard Identification
Defensive driving and detecting hazards. With this free online defensive driving guide you can be more aware about road safety. Online hazard identification course guide to defensive driving.

Defensive Driving Course Online
Defensive driving course online. Driver education and training made easy. Use this training guide to select a defensive driving course that is right for you. Study at your own pace.

Driver Training Online
Driver training online is one way to gain defensive driving skills. Here are some tips that you can try. This defensive driving guide helps to develop sound safe driving habits.

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