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Latest Additions:

Berretta Bros - Genesis (Audiolife Recordings)
DJ Peter (4) - Terminal (Macro Discos)
J.I.F. - Snaking Voice (Macro Discos)
Influenza - Let Me Fall (I11even:Eleven)
Tommy Boy (2) - Back Up / Level Headed (Stereotype)
Son By Four - Purest Of Pain (Epic)
Legionz Ov Hell - Casus Luciferi (Morgue Distortion Records)
Adam Sky - Ape-X (Kitsuné Music)
Lo-Tech - It's Clear To Me (D:vision Records)
Clubbervision - The Lost Dream (Sentient Audio Collective)
Sagaloops - Sagaloops 11 (Sagaloops)
B-52's, The - Legal Tender (Promo) (Warner Bros. Records, Inc.)
Code Red (9) - Missin You Already (Avex Asia Ltd.)
Andrea Melly - Electric Gejsha (Sun Generation Records)
Silencers, The - Scottish Rain (RCA (UK))
Silencers, The - Answer Me (RCA (UK))
Cast Of Thousands (2) - September (Old Gold (Spain))
Silencers, The - I Want You (RCA (UK))
Evelyn Thomas - Sorry, Wrong Number / Second Best (Record Shack)
B-52's, The - The B-52's (Island Records (Netherlands))
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Latest Comments:

Envio - Time To Say Goodbye - laurenceallen26
This is an epic track in the truest sense of the word. I was thrilled to find that this record was s
Lali Puna - Tridecoder - scoundrel
If there were ever a sub-genre called glitch-pop, Lali Puna would be the ones to own it. Even from
Marc Acardipane - Boris2000
Seriously, I'm amazed how many hits this guy has pumped out under various names, without me even rea
God Machine, The - Scenes From The Second Storey - Alastis
One of the most powerful and moving rock/metal records ever done, period. Although you can still sme
Biosphere - Substrata - intoambience
For those who are wandering about what is said on 'Kobresia' track, here is the approximate translat
Herv - Snap Hands - lurk
Love this album. Real grower. Herv is a seriously underrated artist and it's a real pity this didn't
St. John vs. Locust (2) - Mind Circles - laurenceallen26
What a stunning track! I cannot recommend this enough. A completely original piece of trance music f
Talla 2XLC - Can You Feel The Silence - laurenceallen26
I can't believe noone has already posted something about the Flutlicht remix. I cannot fully explain
Astral Projection - Dancing Galaxy - SkeletonMan
One of four essential releases by the Astral boys (the others are Trust In Trance, Astral Files, and
Alcatraz - Giv Me Luv - ledjfab
Paul Goodyear's "Digital Mix" of "Giv Me Luv" is an edited mix of the original version. There are no
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