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Welcome to This site has been created for nothing but sheer entertainment. Not selfishly for us who created and write for the site, but for you, who we now consider our dear friend.

The focus of this site is content, so we really don't pay much attention to how it looks. It's money and gold. We're rich.

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There is much discussion/planning going into the possible return to television by John Money so things are busy down here. Browse around and enjoy the site. More new stuff next week. Stay tuned...

Upcoming Goods and Services

-The Myspace phenomenon
-Biggie vs. Tupac
-John Money investigates online dating
All updates, announcements, and what's coming next week are posted HERE

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The truth about 50 Cent
John's real life stalker
Total Recall: Yes, we remember. Everything.

The entertaining features of this site (updated weekly) -

Stories : The real life adventures of John Money. If I didn't live it, I probably wouldn't believe it.
Articles : Everything from pop-culture to politics.
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Videos : The most entertaining videos on the internet. From everything "Jimbo," to John Money's job on television, to shrieking and convulsing in college classes.
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Steep Thought of the week:

My last flight was extremely unsafe. In fact, I thought I was going to die.

The turbulence was terrible, but even worse was the pack of man-eating wolves that attacked passengers at random.




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