A Life-Saving Option
The New England Program for Kidney Exchange offers a new life-saving option to those seeking a kidney transplant, but whose potential living donor in not a good biological "match" due to either blood type incompatibility or cross-match incompatibility.

NEPKE uses a computer program to find cases where the donor in an incompatible pair can be matched to a recipient in another pair. By exchanging donors, a compatible match for both recipients may be found. You can learn more about the program HERE.

NEPKE can also find potential kidney recipients for those generous people who seek to become non-directed living donors (otherwise known as Good Samaritan Donors or Altruistic Donors). Information about that process is available HERE .


NEWS: Transplant centers are being provided with brochures to provide information about this program to their kidney patients.
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Notes: There are many good websites on the Internet that help kidney patients learn more about transplant options.