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The SARS challenge


We have dedicated our resources to pinpointing a better understanding of the origin of SARS and how to stop it. We are pleased to say we have the information here


Genius Ideas is a specialized service of Advanced Solutions Ad Infinitum  set to provide:

bulletInstant insights, answers and solutions on any matter related to innovations, R&D, creativity, problem solving and breakthroughs.
bulletFeedback and intelligence beyond and behind the data.
bulletAnalysis, evaluation and ratings of your choices, direction, timing and products.


We provide genius ideas and solutions and offer training in producing genius ideas and solutions.  There is no limit to excellence and exceptional results; not if you can continuously tap into the genius within at will.

We teach and apply the secrets of unleashing the genius within. Using special relaxation techniques, you would be able to release your genius and enhance creativity in problem solving, breakthroughs and innovation. 


How do we do it?

We go beyond the subconscious mind and access the Super-conscious mind, which is also known as the universal mind, a source of unlimited intelligence for inspired and truly transforming thoughts and flow of ideas.

We combine relaxation techniques and dream techniques for genius ideas and genius solutions as advanced peak performance  










Finding solutions by bringing in and understanding the underlying core principles behind things.



Quantum Relaxation

Relaxation, the ultimate passport to peak performance.

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