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The Bermuda Triangle: the myths and the facts.

The Bermuda Triangle

Dr. Copernicus Award

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This page was created and is once again maintained by Tobias Gibson.

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The Bermuda Triangle: Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Admisitrivia
  • Sources*
  • The Skeptic vs. The Believer

    Geography Lesson

  • Recent Myth Debunked
  • Spatial Disorientation
  • The Dimensions of the Triangle
  • The Sargasso Sea
  • The Gulf Stream
  • The Ocean Floor
  • Gas Bubbles from Beyond
  • UPDATED:Where did it happen?
    Not in the Triangle, that's for sure!
  • Geographic, Celestial, and Magnetic North.
  • Lloyd's Of London, Maritime Insurance

    History Lesson

  • First known use of the term Bermuda Triangle
  • Black Boxes, ELTs, & Small Aircraft

    Occurrences: The Myths & The Facts

  • FAQS & Facts of the Triangle.
  • Flight 19, The Lost Patrol
  • Christopher Columbus
  • The Mary Celeste
  • Carroll A Deering
  • Rosalie
  • Stavenger
  • December 1948, DC3

  • Latitude and Longitude
    of the Triangle:
    (Before "Creative License" Takes Over)

    NW edge, Bermuda: 32.20 N, 64.45 W.
    SW edge, San Juan: 18.5 N, 66.9 W
    NE edge, Miami: 25.48N, 80.18 W

    Other Pages
    debunking bunk
    My Home Page

    More Triangle Info:
    United States Navy.
    The Museum of Unnatural History


    Okay Let me tell you right off that the Bermuda Triangle is a myth that started off as old-time stories that sailors used to tell new ship mates to give them the heebie-jeebies. Now let me go on to say that the myths have become a great money making scam by people who like to stretch the truth. With that said, let me add I love the stories of the Bermuda Triangle and I love the way many FICTION writers have used the Bermuda Triangle as a premise for several fascinating STORIES. My beef is with the Pseudo-Scientists who ignore the truth and propogate myths in order to turn a buck.

    I should point out that there are also people out there who have gone through experiences that they truely believe were caused by paranormal activity. While scientists can assure them that nothing strange actually happened, they will cling to their belief that something truely strange happened. For them the Bermuda Triangle is as real as the air we breathe. This isn't actual proof in the existence of the Triangle but unfortunately their strong belief is shamelessly used my the perpetrators of the myth. You will find similar witnesses for just about every aspect of the paranormal world. (The belief in Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, Area 51, Atlantis, ad nauseum.)

    The Purpose of this page is to show the flaws of the pseudo-scientific publications that try to turn the Bermuda Triangle into some mystical place. Current possible theories involve the Lost Civilization of Atlantis, a Warp in the Space/Time Continuum, a Beacon for UFOs, an Intermittent Black Hole, Giant Gas Bubbles and God only knows what else.

    While some people will believe this stuff no matter what they read here, this page is an attempt to explain away the myths and get to facts that created them.

    What this page will explain is why currents in the area around the Bermuda Triangle can be dangerous, how a ship or plane can be lost without a trace, why many of the occurrences that are truly a mystery cannot be attributed to the Bermuda Triangle, and why most if not all of the so-called mysteries are no more than over-active imaginations.

    This page used several sources in its creation. The most important have been provided so you too can check out the truth behind the myth.


    All rights and priviledges concenring copyright should, for the time being be directed to BlindKat Publishers or post on the BlindKat's BT Guestbook)
    While I will try to answer all my e-mail, this page generates a lot of it so I can't reply to everything. I rarely reply to a question that is answered by information already on this page. If something is not clear on the page, then I will try to clarify what I've said. I love getting questions from Grammar and High School Students and they get my top priority. (But I won't do YOUR Homework for YOU!)

    I created this web page based on research started in High School. That was when I was an avid believer in the Triangle! I've remained interested in the Bermuda Triangle all through College and Graduate School and still remains a student of the Bermuda Triangle and things nautical.

    However the Bermuda Triangle was and has never been my only interest in life and I don't focus all my attention on debunking half- baked theories that could easily be explained away with more complete research in the first place.

    I received an MS in Library and Information Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1994. My main focus was Academic Reference and Library Automation. I am a Professional Researcher and web designer.

    I lived in an around the area of the Bermuda Triangle for approximately ten years while growing up. I have been researching so-called paranormal activity, particularly the Bermuda Triangle, off and on, for over two decades. I do this as a hobby and not for pay. As you can tell from my home page, I have several other areas of interests.

    First Known Use Of The Phrase Bermuda Triangle

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, 2d edition, the first recorded use of the term "Bermuda Triangle" or "Devil's Triangle" was in February, 1964 in an article appearing in Argosy. The article, The Deadly Bermuda Triangle, by V. Gaddis can be attributed to all the hype and craziness centered around the mythical Bermuda Triangle.

    For those not familiar with Argosy, maybe its subtitle will give you a clue about what it publishes:

      Argosy : Magazine of Masterpiece Fiction.

      It has also gone by the name:
      The Argosy: A Magazine of Tales, Travels, Essays, and Poems.

    Obviously not a major source for nautical research but definitely a place to spin a tale or two.