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Hot or Not

The sizzlers and fizzlers from the week that was

Posted: Monday February 6, 2006 2:11PM; Updated: Thursday February 9, 2006 1:28PM
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By Matthew Waxman

Last Thursday was Groundhog Day, but the entire week's events recalled the movie named after the rodent holiday. Life on the court at Saint Louis University was eerily consistent. In Florida, a college athlete was accused of assaulting a horse for the second time in recent memory. Pics of a tipsy QB popped up online. In Detroit, the Steelers wore matching green Notre Dame number 6 jerseys and looked like Jerome Bettis dolls coming off the assembly line, and each day brought a fresh assault on the English language by Joey Porter. "Keep doing the same things you've been doing since week one," a mic'ed Bettis told his teammates during their Super Bowl victory. I got you babe/ I got you babe!

Who knew? Uncle Jessie was named TV's second-hottest hunk.
Who knew? Uncle Jessie was named TV's second-hottest hunk.
Photo by Mark Terrill/AP

Hot: St. Louis hoops

No team's fortunes resembled the script of Groundhog Day more than the Saint Louis men's basketball team. After flip-flopping wins and losses for their first 18 games of the season, the Billikens finally won a second consecutive game last Thursday. Dr. Alan Reifman, an associate professor at Texas Tech, determined after SLU's 17th game that the odds of such a streak were 1 in 24,000.

Not: N.C. State hoops

Not since Nuggets coach George Karl sported a throwback has someone disgraced the uniform like N.C. State coach Herb Sendek did on Sunday. After the Wolfpack's 62-58 victory over Maryland, the follicly-challenged coach sported the Steelers jersey of his mane man Troy Polamalu to his postgame press conference. "It was in my locker," said the coach, who is a Pittsburgh native. "I don't know whose it is, but someone put it in my locker."

Hot: Florida police horse

A University of Florida soccer player and a former UF basketball player were arrested last Sunday, the latter charged with equine assault after she allegedly whacked a police horse. This is not the first time this crime has appeared in the campus blotter; in 1995, Cincinnati Bearcats forward Art Long was accused and later acquitted of punching a police horse earning him the nickname "Mongo" after the character in Blazing Saddles who clocks a colt.

Not: Florida guard

Lee Humphrey, the SEC's leading 3-point shooter, separated his left shoulder after taking tumble off his bicycle. "Maybe it was defective spokes, maybe he needs training wheels, I don't know," Gators coach Billy Donovan said on Monday. Teammate Joakim Noah told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "We're all laughing about it now. Come [tonight], it's not going to be funny at all."

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