About Tulsa Tech

Tulsa Technology Center is the oldest and largest career and technical training center in Oklahoma. Founded in 1965 as a part of Tulsa Public Schools, Tulsa Vo-Tech became an independent school district in 1973.

In 1992, we changed our name to Tulsa Technology Center to better identify and promote the type of training offered by the school.

Tulsa Tech has multiple campuses and offers full-time programs, part-time programs, and training programs for business and industry. We serve secondary students from public school districts throughout Tulsa County, as well as private, parochial and home-schooled students. Adults enroll in both full and part-time programs throughout the district each year.

In order to guarantee that instruction meshes with the real world demands of the marketplace, each program is developed and updated under the guidance of advisory committees composed of volunteers from business and industry, as well as alumni.

As Tulsa Technology Center moves ahead, the vision and commitment to excellence will continue to focus on customer needs. Whether its serving business and industry or participating in community events, Tulsa Tech will be a major force in maintaining an economic climate that benefits the citizens of Tulsa and the State of Oklahoma.

Mission Statement
To prepare people for success in the workplace.

Vision Statement
To develop a world-class workforce.

Service Standards
Courtesy is respecting the customer.
Reliability is consistently delivering quality services.
Responsiveness is exceeding the customer's expectations.
Efficiency is providing customer services in an immediate and straight forward manner.

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