Why This Exhibition?

(11/27/98) - SAN FRANCISCO - Twenty years ago today, just before 11 A.M. November 27, 1978, former Supervisor Dan White climbed through a basement window in San Francisco's City Hall, avoiding the metal detector at the main entrance. Minutes later, he shot and killed Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk, a pioneering gay rights advocate and Supervisor.

The people of San Francisco remember the tragedy of the killings, the trial, the verdicts, and the resulting riot at San Francisco's Civic Center. But very few attended the trial.

I drew the trial as a freelancer for UPI. My drawings also appeared in the San Francisco Bay Guardian and The Sentinel.

I would like to share these 48 drawings with the people of San Francisco and the world. Most of them have never been published.

This site contains only drawings. To learn more about what happened that day and the events leading up to it, read "Double Play: The San Francisco City Hall Killings" by San Jose Mercury News reporter Mike Weiss, published by Addison Wesley.

I would like to thank SFPD Inspector Jim Bisio for giving permission to publish the cartoon he drew of me in court. It appears near the end of the exhibition.

David Newman
San Francisco

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