February 2005

Vol. 4, No. 2

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Report on the Advanced Study Weekend with Dr. Heimlich

Many people attending the weekend considered the experience to be almost mystical – an experience never to be forgotten – the experience of being in the presence of and listening to the inspiring words of Dr. Henry Heimlich – the man who has saved more lives than anyone else in human history.

He described his on-going struggles with the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.  They have resisted teaching the public the Hemlich Maneuver for aiding choking victims.  They stubbornly teach the “back slap” – a procedure that actually drives the lodged food deeper into a choking person’s windpipe – sometimes killing the victim.  Similar resistance from these organizations is also seen for drowning victims.  They teach mouth-to-mouth, which cannot work when a person’s lungs are filled with water.  Instead, the Heimlich Maneuver will force the water out of the lungs and save a life.  You need to learn this procedure in case of an emergency.  For instruction and more information see:  http://www.heimlichinstitute.org/maneuver.html.

To preserve the memory of this event, all interested participants had an opportunity to have their pictures taken with Dr. Hemlich, performing the maneuver on them.

Other highlights of the weekend included:

From Our Guest Lecturers:

David Hoffman presented two hours on the practical and effective use of herbs.

A new food preparation class was taught by Alex Bury – she was so well received that she will become a regular instructor in our programs.

Alec Isabeau made an excellent presentation on exercise.

From Our Staff:

Four new lectures by Dr. McDougall, including one on “Hazards of Fish-eating” and one on the “Science Behind the Maximum Weight Loss Program.”

One new lecture by Mary McDougall on the “Practical Implementation of the Maximum Weight Loss Program.”

One new lecture by Doug Lisle on the “Motivational Triad.”

One new lecture by Jill Nussinow on “Winter Vegetables.”

Many participants had their blood tested and the results showed that most had made very positive steps toward excellent health from their past food choices.

The food was excellent, as always, and Mary introduced many new dishes from the Maximum Weight Loss Program.  I heard people say they could eat the mashed potato-based Shepherd’s Pie for every dinner and be happy. 

These weekends are an excellent opportunity to introduce your friends and relatives to our program – their minds are opened to the life-saving health information and their taste buds respond to the delicious foods.

Our next weekend is going to be a 100% McDougall Weekend, which means that only our staff will be presenting the best of their materials (no outside guest lecturers).  The program’s best McDougall foods will be served to participants.

This weekend will be held May 13 to 15, 2005.  We are now taking reservations. 

Please write to Heather at heather@drmcdougall.com or call her at (800) 941-7111.

The cost is $395 per person, which includes an invaluable education, new friends, and great tasting, all you can eat, meals.  The room is extra (rates $90 per room per night).

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