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Gateway Church gathers
worship Sundays
at 10:30 a.m.

Location: 6425 Jefferson Rd.
(Hwy. 129) in Athens, Georgia.

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2004 Sermon Library
The Teaching Ministry of Gateway Church

Pastor Jerry Varnado

The New Covenant
January 4, 2004 (Covenant Renewal Sunday)
The covenant God has made with us in Christ isn't dependent on our performance. It's dependent on God's mercy.

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2004 sermons
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Dr. Gene Acuff

Expectation and Disappointment
January 18, 2004
The pattern of life is often expectancy followed by letdown. But in Christ, no disappointment is ever final.

At Wit's End (audio only*)
July 25, 2004
What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Lay Leader Joseph Slife

The Lord of All Things: The Return of the King
July 18, 2004
Long before J.R.R. Tolkien, Jesus told a story about "The Return of the King" -- a story that should affect everything in your life.

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Fall Revival 2004:
Season of Surrender

(audio files only)

Messages by
Tom Atkins

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Sunday, Sept. 26 a.m. (40:00)

Getting Ready

Sunday, Sept. 26 p.m. (47:00)

Filled With the Spirit

Monday, Sept. 27 (30:00)

Humbled by His Holiness

Tuesday, Sept. 28 (39:00)

The Testing, The Blessing

Wednesday, Sept. 29 (38:00)

Responding to God's Call

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Created for His Glory
January 11, 2004
Why doesn't God put us in a cosmic bubble that protects us from all the difficulties and turmoil of life in a fallen world?

In the Power of the Spirit
January 25, 2004
In Luke 4, Jesus illustrates what it means for the Spirit of the Lord to be "upon" someone. Is the Spirit upon us?

The Good News of the Kingdom
February 1, 2004
We, the followers of Jesus, have been given the authority and the power to set the captives free.

Becoming Disciples
February 8, 2004
Are we really disciples -- or are we still wading around in shallow-water religion?

Guarding Against Deception
February 15, 2004
Deception is dangerous and destructive. To guard against it, we must do three things.

First Things First
February 22, 2004
We are about to enter a 40-day season of prayer, giving us special opportunity to carry out the church's top priority.

The Offense of the Cross
February 29, 2004
The Cross offends our sensibilities, but it is the perfect picture what sin, in all its horror, looks like.

The Fire of God
March 7, 2004
God wants to put a fire in our bones, a passion to see lives transformed by the power of the living God.

In Spirit and In Truth
March 14, 2004
Because we want to experience God, we must earnestly desire the spiritual gifts and allow room for them to be used in our worship services.

The Devil's Agenda
March 21, 2004
If we stop trusting God, the devil has won the battle.

Living in the Kingdom of God
March 28, 2004
Misconceptions about the Kingdom can be a stumbling block to fulfilling God's purpose for our lives.

He Has Given Us Life!
Easter Son Rise Service • April 11, 2004
The resurrection of Christ changes everything, and the benefits of the resurrection are available to all.

Beyond the Tomb: The Reign of Death is Over
Easter Sunday • April 11, 2004
Jesus went into the grave and defeated death. He has declared it null and void!

Dancing Over All These Graves
April 18, 2004
"Living by faith" is choosing to believe God. It is forgetting what is behind and pressing on toward the future to which God has called you in Christ.

Receiving Revelation
April 25, 2004
Knowing the facts isn't the same as knowing the truth. God wants to reveal truth to us.

Resurrection People
May 2, 2004
How then should we live if God has a plan for us and for the world?

Whatever Happened to Mom and Apple Pie?
May 9, 2004
God designed the family to be the root of human civilization -- which is why the devil has made the family a primary target.

The Heart of the Matter
May 16, 2004
Do you think of yourself as a black-hearted sinner saved by grace? Or as a former sinner transformed by the power of God into a saint?

The Mephibosheth Metaphor
May 23, 2004
Too many of us live far beneath our privilege as God's children because the devil has convinced us we are unworthy of God's blessing.

The Power and Authority to Posses the Land
Pentecost Sunday • May 30, 2004
We are God's covenant people, and we must not let the devil trick us out of our covenantal inheritance.

Ten Convictions of the Early Church - 1
Trinity Sunday • June 6, 2004
What was it about the people of the early church that enabled them to be so powerfully used by God? (First in a series.)

Ten Convictions of the Early Church - 2
June 13, 2004
Our convictions shape who we are, how we think, how we relate to others, and how we spend our time. (Second in a series.)

Deliverance From the Power of Addiction
June 20, 2004
The power of God, made available to us through Jesus Christ, can overcome the seemingly undefeatable power of addiction.

Ten Convictions of the Early Church - 3
June 27, 2004
The early church held ten convictions that are critical to living in the power of the Holy Spirit. (Last in a series.)

Free Indeed!
July 4, 2004
Genuine liberty requires a change of heart, and Jesus is the only true source heart-changing power.

Protecting Marriage-2
July 11, 2004
Should it matter to us if homosexual couples are allowed to marry?

Our Heritage: Heart Religion, Accountable Discipleship (audio only)
August 1, 2004
Our Methodist tradition is one of experiencing God -- and developing close relationships within the family of faith.

The Power of Perspective
August 8, 2004
When people submit to God, He will transform them, so they can begin to see the world as God sees it.
(First in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

The Holy Bible: Our Guide for Faith and Practice
August 15, 2004
A Christian view of the world must be shaped by the foundational truths found in Scripture.
(Second in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

August 22, 2004
What is the origin of the universe? Where did we come from? How we answer these key questions will become the foundation stone of our worldview.
(Third in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

Will the Real God Please Stand Up?
August 29, 2004
Three of the world's major religions -- Judaism, Islam and Christianity -- claim the same God. Why are our teachings about Him so different?
(Fourth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

The Spirit World
September 5, 2004
The Bible says our real struggle in life is against the devil's schemes, which come to us through spiritual forces of evil.
(Fifth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

A Warfare Worldview
September 12, 2004
We are born into a cosmic conflict, there is no escaping it. And the devil delights in taking prisoners of war.
(Sixth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

War Stories: Invasion and Liberation
September 19, 2004
There's a spiritual war going on and we're in the middle of it. The good news is, God has acted to make sure the devil is not going to win.
(Seventh in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

Things Are Not as They Seem
October 3, 2004
If anyone came to this church and just looked out our numbers and our facilities, they likely would draw some conclusions that are simply not true.

War Stories: At the Front
October 10, 2004
The Bible is clear: the Church is engaged in a spiritual war with forces of evil.
(Eighth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

The Enemy's Battle Plan
October 17, 2004
The battle plan of the enemy focuses on keeping us from union with God.
(Ninth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

Personal Defense
October 24, 2004
Living a righteous and holy life isn't easy. The battle against our fallen natures and against the powers of hell is so intense, God has given us specific ways to protect ourselves.
(Tenth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

Our Weapons: The Sword of the Spirit
October 31, 2004
If we are to live out New Testament Christianity, we must know the general Word of God, and we must train ourselves to hear a specific word from Him as the need arises.
(Eleventh in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

Our Weapons: The Name of Jesus
November 7, 2004
Living in the power of Jesus' name starts with a clear understanding of who we are in Him.
(Twelfth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

Our Weapons: The Blood of Jesus
November 14, 2004
The blood of Jesus is so offensive, even some well-meaning Christians try to play it down. But there really is "power in the blood."
(Thirteenth in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

The Basis of Gratitude
Thanksgiving Sunday • November 21, 2004
As Christians, our thankfulness isn't based on favorable circumstances.

Warfare Worldview: The Real Star Wars
November 28, 2004
Star Wars is a metaphor of our reality. There really is a cosmic conflict in progress.
(Last in the series, "A Christian Worldview")

Follow the Star
December 5, 2004 (Second Sunday in Advent)
Much of the burden, pain, and struggle people experience in life is due stumbling in the darkness.

Do They Know?
December 12, 2004 (Third Sunday in Advent)
All around us, people will go through the traditional rituals of celebrating Christmas -- but do they really know what they celebrating?

Rediscover Christmas
December 19, 2004 (Fourth Sunday in Advent)
Christmas is about what we really need -- something money can't buy.

The Secret of Christmas
December 26, 2004
For those who know the secret, Christmas isn't over. It's just beginning!

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