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 Welcome to Zugg Software 
This site will be used for discussion of Zugg Software products, including zMUD, the zApp development system, and the upcoming eMobius email and communications client.

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Zugg's MUD Client
zMUD is the most popular and advanced MUD/Telnet client for PC/Windows. Play over 2,000 text-based MUD games on the Internet. Top rated since 1996.
[More information] [Download Now] Buy Now! $29.95

- Highest rating from ZDnet
- "Featured MUD Client" from TUCOWS
zApp (End User Edition)
Create scriptable applications that can be customized by the end-user. Powerful visual components combined with XML results in lightning fast application development. Free upgrades for two years.
[More information] [Download Now] Buy Now! $30.00
The Integrated Development Environment for zApp Developers. Currently in its early stages, it allows Developers to encrypt text-based zApp programs into binary files that any user can run. Free upgrades for two years. NOTE: This is an UPGRADE to the zApp End-user edition. zApp End-user edition is REQUIRED to run the zApp PRO IDE.
[More information] [Download Now] Buy Now! $30.00

zMapper is general purpose Map database creation program. Create your own maps of games or real-life from scratch. Overlay your map database on any graphical image. Enhance maps with shapes, icons, and text. Supports Cartesian, hexagonal, or octagonal map layouts. Maps are compatible with zMUD and zExplorer. FREE UPGRADES for life!
[More information] [Download Now] Buy Now! $20.00
AC Explorer Pro

Mapping, route finding, and database tool for Microsoft's Asheron's Call game. FREE UPGRADES for life!

[More information] [Download Now] Buy Now! $20.00

- Highest rating from TUCOWS
Try the zExplorer BETA version. zExplorer is similar to AC Explorer, but can be customized to handle more games. Currently, Asheron's Call, Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings, Star Wars Galaxies, and Horizons are supported, with more games coming. zExplorer and AC Explorer share the same license and registration code, so it's like getting 2 programs for one! [More details on zExplorer]

 Latest News 
New Year's Letter from Zugg (Plans for 2006)
Zugg 03-Jan-06 10:33PM
zMUD 7.20 Upgrade Instructions
Zugg 19-Sep-05 7:23PM
A lot of people seem to be confused about how to upgrade to the new version of zMUD without eLicense, so let me provide some tips.  ... (Read more)
zMUD v7.21 has been released
Zugg 13-Sep-05 7:03PM
The fastest and most versatile MUD client available!
Have you tried zMUD lately? This is the smallest and fastest version of zMUD yet. The eLicense copy protection system has been removed. As-you-type spell checking has been added, along with auto correction of spelling mistakes.
[Version History] [New Features] [Online Help]  ... (Read more)
zApp v2.3 Public Version Released
Zugg 25-May-05 3:32AM
The PUBLIC version of the zApp Development System has been released.
[More about zApp] [zApp Discussion Forum]  ... (Read more)

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