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Saturday 19 November 2005
By John and Yukima Cameron
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Introducing Clancy

John and Yukima Cameron have announced the name of their new baby boy, Clancy Genji Cameron who, until now, has been known only by his nickname “Walnut”.

The name Clancy is inspired by a character who appears in the poems of Australian poet ‘Banjo’ Paterson. “To me, the name symbolises all that I loved about growing up in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains: helping to round up cattle on horseback as a child, the sights and sounds of the bush in all its moods, and the freedom and space of the Australian bush” said Yukima today. “All my life, I have enjoyed the stories of Banjo Paterson. Dad used to read them to us from a huge book, the collected works, and I even took a condensed version that Yuki had given me to Madagascar to remind me of home” added John.

‘Genji’ comes from Japan. It was the name of Yuki’s grandfather, Genji Okumura. A wonderful bamboo basket weaver, he is remembered by all who knew him as a remarkably kind and gentle man. John and Yuki have chosen the Japanese kanji character meaning ‘quarter moon’ and ‘bond between mother and father’ for the syllable ‘gen’ and ‘baby boy’ for the syllable ‘ji’. Clancy was born on the night of the waxing quarter moon. Genji is an ancient Japanese name, made famous by ‘The Tales of Genji’, a classic work of Japanese literature about a heroic courtier of the eleventh century.

The gallery below is a collection of photos from the first eleven days in the life of ‘Walnut’ Clancy Genji Cameron. Click on a photo to view enlarged version. We would love you to leave a comment at the bottom of this page when you have finished.


Reader Comments about this page
1:25AM 19-Nov-05: David Cameron: I felt so honoured that 'Walnut', as he was then known to everyone, waited until I arrived at Rosanna, after finishing work at 10.00 PM, to be born. Welcome to 'Walnut' Clancy Genji who has added an extra ray of warmth and hope to our family circle and to our world.

6:48AM 19-Nov-05: Marcel : CONGRATULATIONS to Yuki and John for choosing a lovely Irish name associated with poetry and poineers, and a Japanese name so well chosen for its multiple meanings. By the way, it seems Dad was still up writing emails at 1.25am on the 19th. I suspect he was yawning too! :)

8:52AM 19-Nov-05: Zayda Greenberg: Great contribution John & Yuki! Love his name.... Looking forward to a cuddle tomorrow at the the Great Greenberg Get-Together.....(it won`t be a Marathon 2hour cuddle like I had last Sunday though)

8:56AM 19-Nov-05: Zayda Greenberg: Clancy is a very worth addition No6 to my five other wonderful great-grandchildren....

8:58AM 19-Nov-05: Lindsey Slater: How exciting to have some more photos of gorgeous little Walnut Clancy-HE LOOKS SO CUTE!I am so jealous of all those people cuddling him..we send all our love from freezing cold England..Seiki is here with us now which is lovely. Great Auntie Lindsey and the gangxxxx

3:34PM 19-Nov-05: Melissa Palviainen: A wonderful wonderful name. Congratulations and well done. I sooooo much look forward to seeing and holding Clancy again. I think of Walnut every day and my heart swells, and my eyes fill with joyful tears. With love much, Melissa.

6:56PM 19-Nov-05: maria cameron: Dearest John and Yuki, what a beautiful set of pictures to welcome Clancy to the world for the wider community to to see! And dear little Clancy, welcome! You have come to such caring, thoughtful, loving parents. As the pictures of you show, you are already content and happy in this world, sleeping lots, drinking lots of milk and making beutiful little baby noises and expressions. You are a joy to be around, and I feel so honoured to have witnessed your entering into the world outside your mum's tummy. I also feel so honoured to be around to watch you grow. All my love, your Auntie Maria.

8:33PM 19-Nov-05: Angelica and Michi: Congratulations on welcoming Clancy so beutifuly into the world. We wish joy in your parenting. (Great photos!)

10:41PM 19-Nov-05: Kiana, Jarrah, Janine & Cris: What wonderful names you chose, seems to really suit the little man. We really love them. Thanks also for sharing the wonderful photos. It brought back some wonderful memories and brought a tear to my eye. Lots of love to you all

4:42AM 20-Nov-05: Uncle Seiki: Welcome to the world nephew Clancy!! Congratulations to Yuki and John and the whole support crew, you've done an excellent job in what seems to have been a very successful and fast birth. Can't wait to meet the young man and give him a big hug! Thanks for the story and the excellent photos, seems like Clancy is already a hit with the family and has no shortage of friends and well wishers. Best of luck to Y&J; with the joys of parenthood, I KNOW you will be wonderful parents!! All my love, Seiki

9:23PM 20-Nov-05: Katie and Jo (in Scotland): Lots of love to you all John, Yuki and Clancy. What a beautiful little boy, thankyou for sharing your photos and stories we are over the moon for you all.

8:49AM 22-Nov-05: Solveig Aares: Dear Yuki and John and all the Camerons and Yuki's family! Having been away some days, I now found the gallery of pictures from the birth, the participants, Clancy, grandparents, uncles, aunties etc. etc. How wonderful!! I had to look through them all several times although its quite late. The technique works very well! We can be quite close to you despite of the distance! Such wonderful pictures. I got tears in my eyes reading about how you choose the names and the stories and thoughts around the whole great event. We are with you in our thoughts, Finn and I. Enjoy the exciting time you have ahead together with your little baby boy!

7:08AM 25-Nov-05: Tash Brennan: Welcome to the world little Clancy!!! And congratulations John and Yuki! These are incredible photos of your beautiful family. Absolutely stunning!!! My eyes are watering! Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us. Missing you all, and looking forward to seeing you really Tash xx

7:12AM 25-Nov-05: Mike: You lot are one big inspiration!! Impressions on the fly....Lovely to finally meet Clancy of the overflow, must be nice to have him on the outside Yuki, thanks to the small army who delivered the baby of our favourite people, send the B&W; photo of John & Clancy to Cosmo Mag or MILK or TIME - it will win every photo competition in the universe, congradulations all you new Grandparents uncles and aunts AND mostly thanks to you two beautiful people "Yuki and John" for allowing us all to share in your happiness and for always being an inspiration!! Lots of love from Austria!

3:51PM 25-Nov-05: kazuko blake: The photos look very nice. It was nice to catch up with you the otherday. You two look very relaxd and confident with the new born baby. I hope Taiga will be a good play mate and speak japanese to each other. kaz

4:16PM 3-Dec-05: Kiyoko Okumura: Dearest Clancy Genji Cameron, Welcome to the world!!! My great pleasure to seeing you. Congratulations! Happy new mother Yukima and Happy new father John. Also I congratulate to David, Lee, Don, Barbara, Zayda, Tim, Sir Norman, Lady Pamela and Kikue. Well done Yukima! I thank you for whole support crew. I am enjoy reading article and looking lovely photos. All my love, your grandmother Kiyoko.

7:30AM 4-Dec-05: Zayda: Wonderful to read your comment...Clancy is a little Prince!Thank you for remembering me and including me in your message. I remember your visit with much pleasure---plse email me an up-to-date photo of you

9:47AM 31-Dec-05: martina and rugiadis: Wow! Great great news from you two, congratulations! You both look beautiful and happy, not to talk of Clancy! Hugs and kisses from all of us here in Italy. We wish you a happy and exciting 2006! Love, Martina.

5:30AM 10-Jan-06: mike: New photos required urgently lovely people!!!

8:41PM 10-Jan-06: Tiffaney, Glenn, Claebon, Fior, Bardon, and the new baby yet to arrive: Dear Yuki and John congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby boy, he truly is beautiful. we all send our love and hugs and wish all the very best for you both and your new little bundle of joy. We hope your new family has as many and more precious moments as our family has been blessed with. all our love always. the sandell family in very warm sunny qld.

9:52PM 2-Feb-06: Keith and Eileen: We think Clancy made a very wise choice when he was sitting up in heaven choosing his parents-to-be, Steiner-style. Lucky baby!

2:04PM 5-Feb-06: tim, sue and ayla: we all say hi and hope your all well

3:18PM 22-Feb-06: Ruth Earley: Beautiful photos of beautiful Clancy, congratulations again! Love from Ruth

5:57PM 24-Feb-06: jess mitchell: big big very belated congratualtions to you both from sunny zanzibar. lovely photos, hopefully see you soon! xxx

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