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The Anarchistol  (idea #145)
Date: 2005-04-08 
Category: Business / Marketing
Price: 50
Target Audience: Benjamin Sheridan, other paintball marker manufacturers

Description: The Sheridan PGP is a pistol-style paintball marker that's powered by common CO2 cartridges. A reliable favorite among paintballers out on the playing field, the PGP is also great at defacing billboards and staining windows and fur coats in town. But this versatile marker has been marketed exclusively towards paintball-loving patriots, ignoring the many anarchist malcontents who would also love to own one. Enter the Anarchistol-- it's got the same portable, reliable workings as the Sheridan PGP, but a different look: The circle-A Anarchy symbol on the grip and the bony-looking case are designed to appeal to young "anti" consumers. And instead of being distributed through paintball and sporting-goods channels, the Anarchistol is sold through comics stores, dirtbag hipster boutiques, anarchist websites, and other alternative channels-- along with large boxes of red and black paintballs, ready to paint the revolution!


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