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Al Qaeda Sneakers  (idea #125)
Date: 2004-05-05 
Category: Durable / Apparel
Price: Free
Target Audience: Athletic/casual shoe manufacturers

Description: What's the baddest brand in the world? It isn't Nike. Al Qaeda sneakers strike fear and young-rebel admiration wherever they tread, as they stomp into the cultural battleground of leisure footwear on the heels of such leftie, do-gooder labels as No Sweat and Adbusters' Blackspot. But absolutely none of the profits from the aggressively-styled basketball shoes actually goes to the Al Qaeda organization itself-- and anyone claiming to represent Al Qaeda who objects to the "trademark violation" and seeks damages will just have prove it through the court system. Gotcha! It's a trap that uses the terrorist organization's most valuable asset, its reputation, against itself-- while defusing, trivializing, and profiting off of it in the process. Actually, Al Qaeda brand sneakers are assembled in non-exploitative, unionized facilities, with 1% of gross income donated to UNICEF. But with status-symbol pricing, there's ample money left over for the manufacturer. Copycats and knock-offs? Bring 'em on! They'll just dilute, commercialize, and confuse the brand further.


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