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Matching Pipe and Cat-Toy Set  (idea #101)
Date: 2003-12-29 
Category: Durable / Toy and Novelty
Price: 50
Target Audience: Smokers' paraphernalia and cat-toy manufacturers, and glass artists who work the high-end crafts fair circuit.

Description: Much of the younger generation's best glassblowing and glass-sculpture talent has gone into medicinal herb paraphernalia -- witness the beautiful work coming from Seattle's influential Glassworks Park. Meanwhile, companies like have been raising cat-toy aesthetic standards with handsome interactive rod toys such as SpidersFluff and Comet-on-a-String. The handcrafted Matching Pipe and Cat-Toy Set combines these synergistic tools into one piece of functional art, a colorful tabletop set that holds a variety of rod toys alongside either a conventional pipe, a water-pipe, or an herbal vaporizer. On a cold winter's night, there's no more elegant way to present the evening's entertainment!


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