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WP 11.1 The duration of the game shall be four periods each of eight minutes actual play. Time shall commence at the start of each period when a player touches the ball. At all signals for stoppages, the recording watch shall be stopped until the ball is put back into play by the ball leaving the hand of the player taking the appropriate throw or when the ball is touched by a player following a neutral throw.


WP 11.2 There shall be a two-minute interval between the first and second periods and between the third and fourth periods and a five-minute interval between the second and third periods. The teams, including the players, coaches and officials, shall change ends before starting the third period and the second period of any extra time.


WP 11.3 Should the scores be level at full time in any game for which a definite result is required, any continuation into extra time shall be after an interval of five minutes. There shall then be played two periods each of three minutes actual play with an interval of two minutes for the teams to change ends. If at the end of the two periods of extra time the score is equal, there shall be a penalty shoot out to determine the result.

[Note. If a penalty shoot out is necessary, the following procedure shall be followed:

(a) if it involves the two teams having just completed a game, the shoot out will begin immediately and the same referees will be used

(b) otherwise, the shoot out will occur 30 minutes following the completion of the final game of that round, or at the first practical opportunity. The referees involved in the most recent game of that round will be used, provided they are neutral

(c) if two teams are involved the respective coaches of the teams will be requested to nominate five players and goalkeeper who will participate in the penalty shoot out; the goalkeeper may be changed at any time provided the substitute was listed amongst the team list in that game

(d) the five players nominated will be required to be listed in order and that order will determine the sequence in which those players will shoot at their opponents goal; the sequence cannot be changed

(e) no players excluded for the game are eligible to be listed amongst those players to shoot or substitute as goalkeeper

(f) if the goalkeeper is excluded during the penalty shoot out, a player from the nominated five players may substitute for the goalkeeper but without the privileges of the goalkeeper; following the taking of the penalty shot, the player may be substituted by another player or alternate goalkeeper

(g) shots will be taken alternately at either end of the pool and all players with the exception of the player shooting and defending goalkeeper will be required to be seated on team bench

(h) the team to shoot first will be determined by toss

(i) should teams still be tied following the completion of the initial five penalty shots, the same five players shall then take alternate shots until one team misses and the other(s) score

(j) if three or more teams are involved, each team will shoot five penalty shots against each of the other teams, alternating at each shot. The order of the first shot will be determined by draw.]


WP 11.4 Any visible clock shall show the time in a descending manner (that is, to show the time remaining in a period).




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