‹‹ You're a half a world away, but in my mind I whisper every single word you say. And before you sleep at night you pray to me, your lucky star, your ›› Singing Satellite.

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Locke Bell was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and currently lives near Seattle, Washington. He is very pleased with his geographic location, and doesn't have an notions to change it.

He has a small handfull of friends, and goes between what some would term "socially normal", and "mildly hermatic".

He likes fall temperatures, music, and plays guitar in a band of sorts.


Eli & Stephanie, Anna, Tarla, Travis, Lynzie, Wilma, James, Megan, LJ Friends, Stuart Davis, Leland, Jen,

Sites I Read.

Wired News
The Old New Thing
Rands in Repose
Aaron Schwartz
Neil Gaiman
Orson Scott Card


Mac Hall
Penny Arcade
Diesel Sweeties
Questionable Content