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Every so often The Powers That Be provide one of us the opportunity to ask a few questions. Its good fun and better reading. Here are the results of some of those interviews.
Damon Lindeloff E-Mail interview 9/21/05

The lovely Mr. Lindeloff took time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions! I am posting it here because some of this may be spoilerish.

1. Locke: and this appears to be critical. We see him as so omniscient at the beginning, then he falters. He falls for Danielle's story, he was powerless to help Walt, he was responsible in part for Boone's death. Does this foreshadow something in his character arc? That maybe Locke is fallible?

Very perceptive. Hell yeah it foreshadows!

2. Are we going to see a Danielle-centric episode in Season Two?

No comment. ;)

3. In an interview some time ago, Dom mentioned that he would like to or thought that Charlie would become more of an Iago type -- manipulative, secrets, whispers, that sort of thing. Is this in Charlie's future?

You betcha. We love Dark Charlie!

4. Things we'd like to know more about besides the numbers: The "Adam and Eve" skeletons and the black and white stones. What put Locke in the wheelchair. Will we find out what happened from Charlie and or Claire's POV when they were captured by Ethan?

Are you serious? You really expect me to answer these questions? These are the most massive spoilers in play for the show right now! Serioulsy guys, you're killin' me here. You might as well ask what Kate did, too!

5. Christian Shephard: will we know why he picked Australia?

So Jack would go there and end up on 815 of course!

6. Is the "bumper car" significant?

That's the car that hit Walt in the parking lot? You mean Locke? Sorry -- not intentionally significant.

7. Is Danielle related to any of the castaways?

Genetically? No.

9. Sayid tells Danielle that Nadia is dead. Why would he do that if he was on flight 815 in the first place to go see her?

He lied.

10: Is there any direction the story has taken that you now regret?

Oh, brother. Not even gonna touch that one.

11. If the monster is busy trashing the jungle, why don't we ever see the evidence of uprooted trees etc?

This question has officially taken you guys out of the "fan" category and into the "busting our chops about small details" category.

But for the record, there are plenty of uprooted trees in the dark territory.

12. One of our gentleman wants to know if Sun will take another sponge bath soon.

Ha! Nope. Sorry. They're out of sponges.

13. Needless to say I want to know if Charlie will be taking off his shirt ala Jack and Sawyer.

Your wish is our command.

14. Will we see Rose's husband, Bernard? We also think that the private detective that Locke hires to find his father is Bernard.

Bernard was in the tail section. And you saw what happened to the tail section. That detective is NOT Bernard.

And we're almost up to 8500 members!


Big Love,


Damon Lindeloff Chat interview 3/28/05

As promised, Lost-tv had a brief IM with Damon today. He even reveals who dies! (Not!)

Read on!

DAMON: I'm avail now if you wanna do this...
LOST-TV: I'm good!
LOST-TV: meeting over?
DAMON: that one is, but I've gotta get into editing ASAP, so now would be prime time.
LOST-TV: then let's do it!
LOST-TV: Why don't I start and when you have to go, just tell me.
DAMON: Perfecto.
LOST-TV: ok. Here we go --
LOST-TV: I'm going to save the chat and post it on lost-tv, just so you know.
LOST-TV: that way I won't misquote you and say like who dies and stuff like that!
DAMON: As long as you correct my spelling errors!
DAMON: Sawyer dies. But don't tell anyone.
LOST-TV: Deal!
LOST-TV: ok, here we go.
LOST-TV: This is kind of a big one, so maybe you can think of say 3-5 key things that have changed since this time last year --- when the pilot was in production to NOW when you guys are finishing up episode number 24.
DAMON: Wow -- that IS kind of a big one.
LOST-TV: well maybe I can narrow it down -- this time last year you're looking at 9 episodes and MAYBE the network will pick you up.
DAMON: I guess the key (not a word) thing that's changed is that we're in it for the long haul now.
LOST-TV: Maybe I should say: was it a "now what do we do?" moment when you found out the network wanted a bunch more episodes.
DAMON: What could have been a story that ended, as you say, in just eleven episodes, now goes on indefinitely.
LOST-TV: with an absolute phalanx of ((I might add ) very good looking writers.
DAMON: Not really. It was always our goal to GET them to order more episodes...
LOST-TV: ah, I see.
DAMON: I was not aware we had a phalanx.
LOST-TV: in other words, you had lots of stuff in reserve, rather than just HOPE ideas would come to you?
DAMON: And as for good-looking, well, Javi has a halo effect on the rest of us.
LOST-TV: well he's cute--
LOST-TV: here's an interesting question:
DAMON: No. Javi ISN'T single.
LOST-TV: darn the luck.
DAMON: Oh -- were you gonna ask something else?
LOST-TV: yes.
LOST-TV: standalone episode re: redshirts.
LOST-TV: Will we ever see the point of view of the OTHER nameless survivors? I mean, what do they do all day long? What's THEIR take on the action? We see if from the POV Of the principals but what about "striped shirt girl" etc?
DAMON: All I can say is this issue is addressed by season's end.
LOST-TV: oh goodie.
LOST-TV: (as he plays his cards close to his vest)
DAMON: The focus on our fourteen regulars has been so intense, we didn't wanna take away from them by starting the stories of the other castaways.
DAMON: But it's coming.
LOST-TV: wow.
DAMON: And how did you know I was wearing a vest?
LOST-TV: I'm psychic.
DAMON: It has buttons on it -- like Bennigan's.
LOST-TV: now, some fans have been frustrated by the number of reruns between new episodes.
DAMON: I feel their pain. I HATE that!
LOST-TV: and some episodes were NOT rerun. How much control do you guys have over the rerun thing? Which ones and how many?
DAMON: We have, literally, NO control.
DAMON: The way TV works is you do an episode every eight days.
DAMON: Basic math says that if you start shooting in mid-June, you finish mid-April if you're doing 24 episodes.
LOST-TV: but the season goes to--- May?
DAMON: This gives the actors (not the writers) a "hiatus" for six-weeks.
DAMON: Yes, we finish SHOOTING in mid-April.
LOST-TV: and you have season left over - -hence, reruns!
DAMON: Right. Because the airdates catch up with you.
LOST-TV: well that should provide SOME solace for our episodes starved constuency!
DAMON: All I can say is we do as many as we can with the time we've got, but there are fifty-two weeks in a year and only twenty-four episodes.
LOST-TV: Now there's a lot of talk about the death of a regular cast member.
LOST-TV: Was the death of whoever is gonna die this season determined early on, or was it a recent decision?
DAMON: Really? I hadn't heard that.
LOST-TV: (he's a funny man, that Damon)
DAMON: We had ALWAYS talked about one of our regulars dying from the very beginning...
LOST-TV: Did plans on which character would "go gently into that good night" change as the season progressed And what factors went into deciding who would die?
DAMON: The primary question became "Who and when?"
DAMON: Ultimately, I don't want to comment on WHEN the decision was made, suffice to say the very first person we called was the actor.
DAMON: (I refer to females as actors, as well btw)
LOST-TV: my goodness, he/she must have been very --- not happy
DAMON: He/She was a total and complete PRO.
LOST-TV: I guess they all knew it could have been one of them.
DAMON: Not happy to be leaving the family of the show, but completely understood the process.
DAMON: I could not have asked for a better reaction.
LOST-TV: Will wee see this person in flashbacks?Or is that if? We don't see them any more?
DAMON: When J.J., Carlton and I made the call, it was literally one of the hardest things to actually SAY ever.
DAMON: Never say never.
LOST-TV: I'll be that was a hard conversation to have.
DAMON: Some conversations are supposed to be hard.
LOST-TV: Well this is true.
LOST-TV: If it was all easy, it wouldn't be drama.
DAMON: It would be "Seventh Heaven" actually.
LOST-TV: *sticks finger down throat*
DAMON: Hey -- that show is STILL massive after like, eight years. They're doing SOMETHING right!
LOST-TV: now as far as fan influence!
LOST-TV: how much influence does fan reaction and discussion on message boards have?
LOST-TV: Have you ever changed or adjusted certain plot lines according to fan reactions, like from the Fuselage or lost-tv?
DAMON: The fan reaction has a LOT of influence.
DAMON: If people like something, we do more of it. If they don't like it, we do less.
LOST-TV: Could you give us a couple of example?
DAMON: But sometimes they don't know where we're GOING, and since they don't have the benefit of seeing the bigger picture, we continue on the course we've chosen, right or wrong.
DAMON: The biggest example is that we began to sense a real frustration from the fans that we weren't answering any questions and just asking new ones...
DAMON: That this was sending out a message -- "We don't know what we're doing or where we're going."
LOST-TV: But you DO know where you're going. That's the big message, right?
DAMON: So we advanced some of our "mythological wheels" and gave the audience MORE answers than we were originally planning to give as we came down the stretch.
LOST-TV: For instance, will we know by the end of season one how or why the plane crashed and why so many good looking people survived?
DAMON: We know where we're going, we just haven't figured out which route we wanna take to get there.
DAMON: The first part, no. The second part -- well, if you think the WRITERS are good-looking, I'm not sure how qualified an expert you are.
LOST-TV: I saw them -- they were easy on the eyes!
DAMON: Then I suppose it will remain a mystery as to how only the good-looking ones survived.
LOST-TV: LOL. Now as to theories,
DAMON: If it's any consolation, lots of good-looking ones died, too.
LOST-TV: you and JJ have denied the purgatory one. Are there others that stick in your mind that are NOT the answer to the mystery/
DAMON: What mystery?
LOST-TV: the mystery of the island. The infamous “they’re dead an in purgatory"
LOST-TV: All the fans have a theory: it's the Island of Dr. Moreau, it's an experiment. Any of these theories come to mind which NOT the answer are -- but which kind of make you think, "Wow, that was cool."
DAMON: I think it's really interesting that people think there is ONE definitive answer.
DAMON: Here's something that it is NOT...
DAMON: This is not a fictional reality that is playing out in someone's brain.
LOST-TV: well thank goodness for that.
DAMON: Like I've heard that they're all different personalities inside Locke, or something.
LOST-TV: "Emily, I just had the weirdest dream I was an innkeeper in Vermont"
DAMON: To this I say, "Yes. I saw 'Identity,' too. And I did not like it."
DAMON: Newhart. Well, THAT was classic.
LOST-TV: This is good to know. We were discussing that last night at lost-tv chat, btw.
LOST-TV: That, was, btw, the BEST finale in all of television
DAMON: I do not disagree.
DAMON: But most finales don't end on there own terms.
LOST-TV: oh here's a good one: there seems to be a disparity between the number of male survivors versus female.
DAMON: And thus, feel forced.
LOST-TV: was that deliberate?
DAMON: Nope.
DAMON: Just the way it shook out.
LOST-TV: ah, ok.
LOST-TV: Have any of the cast members run into real life dangers while shooting?
DAMON: Not that I'm aware of...
LOST-TV: and who tends to "screw up" the most (miss lines, miss their mark)
DAMON: I know this isn't the "fun" response, but they're ALL so professional, it's crazy. We don't even have enough for a gag reel.
LOST-TV: well that bites! We love blooper reels!
DAMON: I'll make some calls and tell them to stop being so good.
LOST-TV: on the DVD that's coming out in September --- who will be on the commentary and which episodes will have commentary.
LOST-TV: and yes-- tell them to screw some things up. There is such a thing as too good!
DAMON: Both parts of the pilot will have commentary by J.J., myself and Bryan Burk.
LOST-TV: which other episodes will have commentary?
DAMON: Walkabout will have commentary by David Fury and Terry O'Quinn.
DAMON: Hearts & Minds has Carlton Cuse, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder.
LOST-TV: ok, so the writers and the actor will comment on "their episode", is that it?
DAMON: And there are plans to add one more special commentary track, but I don't wanna give it away.
LOST-TV: oh, nail biter time,huh?
LOST-TV: What is the episode you're the most proud of -- of the ones you wrote?
DAMON: Can we do three more questions? I gotta run soon.
LOST-TV: actually we're about done!
LOST-TV: so timing is great!
DAMON: It's hard to answer that question because the ones with my name on it aren't reflective of episodes that I worked on any harder than all the others.
LOST-TV: 1. your fave episode of the ones you wrote, 2. has ABC given you the greenlight for season 2 and 3. Will we see more of Danielle?
DAMON: In fact, the episodes I'm proudest of do NOT have my name on them.
LOST-TV: ok, which ones?
LOST-TV: your fave episode?
DAMON: Walkabout and ...in Translation.
DAMON: No word yet on future seasons. Sorry.
LOST-TV: Danielle? More of her and/or Ethan?
DAMON: Rousseau will be back. Big time.
LOST-TV: good.
DAMON: And Ethan got shot!
DAMON: And buried!
LOST-TV: yeah, well.....
LOST-TV: I saw Pet Sematary.
DAMON: What kind of island do you think this is?!?
LOST-TV: Damon, you're the best.
LOST-TV: Thank you ever so for your time!
DAMON: You guys are the best!
DAMON: My pleasure -- sorry about the scheduling fiascos!
LOST-TV: join us in lostv chat sometime -- the kids would LOVE it!
DAMON: I will do my darndest...
DAMON: But you should tell them to come to the Fuselage.
LOST-TV: Xander and a few do....
LOST-TV: I do periodically....
DAMON: It's hard for me to spread the love too thin...
LOST-TV: (cross pollinate).
DAMON: But I do want to interact directly with the fans.
LOST-TV: They appreciate this, believe me.
LOST-TV: they feel they're part of it.
DAMON: And they ARE.
DAMON: Okay. I must go!
DAMON: Bye, Kit.
LOST-TV: ok, be well!
LOST-TV: bye Damon!
DAMON signed off at 2:39:49 PM.


Damon Lindeloff Comicon interview published 7/17/05

Lost-TV was privileged once again to talk to Damon Lindelof at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con. Damon found time for us at the end of the autograph signing at the Inkworks booth. And joining us as well were Bryan Burk and Carlton Cuse.

Lost-TV: We have a question! The British promo for Lost-TV is the oddest thing! Whose idea was that?

Damon: Dave La Chappelle, who did the promos, he just directed this documentary called “Rise.” He’s a photographer. He was commissioned by Channel 4 UK to do whatever he wanted... It was his idea. We didn’t know anything. He sent us some concept art, and we said, “Wow! This is very European!” Very artsy and cool and people dancing and ethereal. What we liked about it was that it really focused on the characters. And it wasn’t like the US promos where are plane crash! Explosion! Weird monster! My wife LOVED the first one. She thought it was so WEIRD and romantic.

Lost-TV: Are we still going to see flashbacks in Season two?

Bryan: Yes.

Lost-TV: We are? How about post crash flashbacks? People thinking back to stuff we might not have seen on the island when we were focused elsewhere.

Bryan: You never know what you’re going to see on the island (grins knowingly)

Lost-TV: Oh, one of our guys wants to know, what was the purpose of introducing Leslie Arzt and then blowing up him?

Damon: What was the purpose? I think it was exactly that. Just the idea that first off we felt there needed to be a character who was representative of all those people who mill around in the background and then to give that character a shocking and heroic death that was very surprising.. That was the purpose.

Lost-TV: And somebody else wants to know was the marshal really a marshal?

Damon: Was the marshal really a marshal?I’m gonna go ahead and say yes.

Bryan: At least he plays one on TV.

Damon: I don’t want to be vague in that instance. He is actually a marshal.

Lost-TV: And then we have, ‘Are there eyes in the smoke?’ We have a lot of people thinking there are eyes in the smoke and they have done screen caps.

Damon: A lot of people saw some interesting things in the smoke, and I would say sort of like a Rorschach test. Whatever you see in there is what you see in there.

Bryan: There is nothing on that show that is an accident.

Lost-TV: The Black Rock. Is the ship the Black Rock or is it a red herring for another Black Rock?

Damon: That’s the Black Rock.

Lost-TV: Ok, mo more Black Rock.

Damon: Even when we answer mysteries people say, “ But…but..”

Bryan: There could be the blacker rock.

Lost-TV: So how many scripts do you have finished so far for Season Two?

Damon: Zero. We start filming season two in two weeks.

Lost-TV: You know where you’re going, you just don’t have anything written yet?

Damon: We’re writing, we just don’t have anything completed yet.

Bryan: We find it more challenging (not to have finished scripts)

Lost-TV: But you love that challenge!!

Damon: Put our backs against the wall is the only way it works.

Lost-TV: We won’t keep you any longer, just a picture for the site. You guys are becoming rock gods!

Damon: Well….

Bryan: Damon’s already a rock god.

Lost-TV: Xander wants to say hello!

Damon: Is he ever going to come to the States?

(We are introduced to Carlton Cuse and tell him about Lost-TV-TV as the first Lost-TV fan site on the ‘net.

Carlton: I’m a non internet executive producer. I don’t go on the websites.

And with that we thanked them for their time and we look forward to more Q&A; with Damon in the future!!


Interview with director Paul A. Edwards by cccourt 12/7/05

I live in a small town north of Houston. Paul A. Edwards is from the same town. What follows is a brief phone interview I had with him this morning.

Paul: My mom told me I had to phone you before I left for L.A.

ccc: Our site thanks you for taking the time.

Paul: Do you have the book, LOST Chronicles?

ccc: No.

Paul: It is written by Mark Cotta Vaz and published by Hyperion. It will answer all questions about everyone who works on the show. He came to Hawaii and interviewed everyone. He interviewed me on a truck. I had avoided him the whole time he was there.

ccc: I will pass that along...but I want to ask you about being from Conroe and how you got from here to there.

Paul: I graduated from University of Texas in 1977. I tried to find work in Texas for awhile. I got in my car and drove to L.A. in 1980. I started getting work there and just worked my way up.

ccc: How do you go from camera operator to director? Do Abrams and Lindelof offer opportunities to everyone who works on the show?

Paul: They are a nurturing group of people. They do give lots of opportunities to us. Abrams has pretty mush left the show to Lindelof now.

ccc: Because of MI-III?

Paul: Well, he got it started...but most of the people working on the show have been with him since Felieciy and Alias. They are close..and Abrams trusts them. He trusts Lindelof with the show. My patron was Jack Bender.

ccc: Do you know our site? Have you heard of the "green" site?

Paul: No. I understand there are over 2500 sites for the show.

ccc: Well, we were the first. The young man who started the site did so after seeing the test premiere in the Philipines. He started the site in March, 2004.

Paul: Amazing. I have heard there are two sites dealing with the numbers..only the numbers.

ccc: I don't doubt it. The people who watch the show are a cut above as TV viewers go.

Paul: Yes...we know we have an intelligent audience...not the Nascar group...no offense to Nascar fans...I mean the viewers enjoy the challenge of the show.

ccc: Yes. Every angle is discussed, every bit of dialogue.

Paul: We are grateful to your site and the fans. We know our show is reaching people who aren't ordinary tv viewers.

ccc: And all ages. ( I could tell he was hurrying this up at this point...)

Paul: I really encourage you to get the book. It can answer all the questions you might have for me and about the show.

ccc: Thank you for taking the time to call and talk to me about LOST. The site and I appreciate your time.

Paul: I will be back next summer, and maybe we can meet and talk more then. I have spent two days in Austin, and am leaving for Los Angeles right now.

ccc: That would be great. Thanks.