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Word for Creatives  (idea #139)
Date: 2005-02-08 
Category: Technology / Software
Price: 100
Target Audience: Software companies, Roger von Oech (or other famous-name creativity gurus)

Description: You're on deadline and you have to produce some ideas, but honestly, how creative can you be with dull, grey Microsoft Word staring you in the face? Word for Creatives extends the familiar Word interface to include the tools you need to get your juices flowing-- not just Thesaurus, but an entire Creativity Toolbar loaded with brainstorming tips, triggers, exercises, and other "Whacks on the Side of the Head" from bestselling corporate creativity guru Roger von Oech. It's guaranteed to keep you on your toes! Naturally, you can also "skin" the application window with dazzling custom patterns, for further inspiration. Using Word for Creatives feels very different from using plain-vanilla Word, and it promises to make you think differently as well!

Notes: Some companies already sell industry-specific templates for Word-- see Script Werx from Parnassus Software, aimed at screenwriters. Other industries are obvious candidates, like a Word for Lawyers etc.

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