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iGuitar  (idea #83)
Date: 2003-09-27 
Category: Technology / Music Hardware
Price: 200 + 1% of net
Target Audience: Electric/electronic music equipment manufacturers

Description: Just plug (in) and play! The iGuitar is a self-tuning electric guitar that lets you focus on the music. A pickup-microprocessor-servo loop keeps the überaxe continuously in tune, and can be instantly REset to a alternate tuning or capo setting. Internal memory and Ethernet support allow you to easily download MIDI songs and guitar tablatures, and when you play them back in "learn" mode, LED's under the translucent neck indicate the chord fingerings -- a powerful teaching tool. The uniquely versatile iGuitar also has REtractable frets and comes with a cello bow, for the free-form musician. Finally, for that show-defining, climactic power chord, a switch on the back of the neck immediately REleases the E string so that it pops loudly, just as if you'd broken it.


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