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24 May 2006
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Scott On...
UK, BBC, Sketch, Colour), 1964
Starring: Terry Scott, June Whitfield, Rita Webb
June Whitfield and Terry Scott

A series of themed-sketch shows starring Terry Scott, which became one of the earliest comedy successes on BBC2.

Each show concentrated on a single topic, the name of the theme tacked on to the series' generic title Scott On..., for example Scott On Marriage and Scott On Superstition (see below for full list). Throughout the 31 editions, but especially in the early shows, the series benefited from top quality writing, and Scott's good-natured acceptance of dressing up in outrageous costumes or prancing about in drag. From the 29 September 1968 programme through to the end of the final series, Scott enjoyed strong comedic support from June Whitfield; this was the first time they had worked together and it led to a continuation of their screen partnership in the sitcom Happy Ever After which then became the even longer-running Terry And June. All editions of Scott On... included contributions from a changing company of supporting players in the minor roles.

Notes. The first programme was written as a showcase for Kenneth Williams but he backed out before filming began. His replacement then made the show his own.

The 28 colour editions, 1968-74, were screened under BBC2's Show Of The Week banner.

The Scott On... titles (shown here chronologically, series and specials appropriately divided) were Birds; Money, Food; Marriage; Habits, Superstition, The Seven Deadly Sins, Leisure, The Body, Christmas; Progress, Law, Industry, Communication, History, Nature; Christmas Trees; Travel, Wealth, Dress, Entertainment, The Home, Rebellion, Supernatural, Food; The Sex War, Language, Culture, Success, The Permissive Society; Courage.

Researched and written by Mark Lewisohn.

Gallery Images - Click for a bigger image
Terry Scott
June Whitfield - (from special 2)
Rita Webb - (special 1 & series 1)

Marty Feldman - Writer (special 1 & series 1)
Barry Took - Writer (special 1 & series 1)
Bryan Blackburn - Writer (special 2, series 2 & 3)
Dick Vosburgh - Writer (series 2)
Eric Davidson - Writer (series 2)
Dave Freeman - Writer (series 3 & 4 & short special)
John Kane - Writer (special 3 & series 5)
Humphrey Ventnor - Writer (series 5)
Eric Merriman - Additional Material (and others)
Dennis Main Wilson - Producer (special 1 & series 1)
Kenneth Carter - Producer (special 2 & series 2)
Peter Whitmore - Producer (short special, 1974 special, series 2-5)
Transmission Details
Number of episodes: 31 Length: 30 45 mins 1 short special 3 b/w 28
Special (b/w) 19 Dec 1964 BBC2 Sat 9.25pm
Series One (2 x b/w) 15 May & 5 June 1965 BBC2 Sat 9.30pm/9.50pm
Special (colour) 29 Sep 1968 BBC2 Sun 7.25pm
Series Two (6 x colour) 21 Sep-2 Nov 1969 BBC2 Sun various times
Series Three (6 x colour) 2 Sep-8 Oct 1970 BBC2 Wed 9.20pm then Thu 9.25pm
Short special (colour) part of Christmas Night With The Stars 25 Dec 1970 BBC1 Fri 6.45pm
Series Four (8 x colour) 23 Sep-30 Dec 1971 BBC2 fortnightly Thu 9.20pm
Series Five (5 x colour) 9 Oct-11 Dec 1972 BBC2 fortnightly Mon 9.25pm
Special (colour) 7 Feb 1974 BBC2 Thu 9pm

The information in the Guide to Comedy is complied from 'The Radio Times Guide to Television Comedy' by Mark Lewisohn, published by BBC Books. More information about the book is available from the BBC Shop.
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Reviews supplied by Radio Times © 2003 BBC Worldwide - used under licence from BBC Worldwide.

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