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Marie Catherine Brignole
Born: 7 OCT 1737      Sex: F
Died: 18 MAR 1813  Wimbledon, ENGLAND

Child: Marie Catherine Brignole

Marriage(s) and Relationships:
Married to: Prince of Monaco Honore III   5 JUL 1757,   Ended by: Divorce
       Child: Prince of Monaco Honore IV
       Child: Prince of Monaco Joseph Marie
Daughter of Anna Balbi and Nob. Giovanni Maria Brignole, Marchese de Brignole-Sale. (Anna Balbi had an affaire with Honore III, Prince of Monaco, later he married her daughter Maria Brignole.) Maria was remarried in 1798 to Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince de Conde. Source: Leo van de Pas
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