Free Fonts by Gary S. Dykes
Webmaster: Wieland Willker
For questions on the fonts: Gary S. Dykes

Here is where you will find the free 21 typefaces offered by Mr. Gary S. Dykes.
All 21 typefaces are available as a download by simply clicking on the following link:

The file size is about 445 Kb. After it is downloaded, click on it to open it, then place the fonts in your Windows/fonts folder. Restart your computer and the fonts are installed and ready for use. You can view the whole font(s) [all 255 characters] via the built-in Windows Charmap utility, or download a better viewer here -- a freeware product donated to serve this exclusive font collection! Click on this link: (it is about 230,000 bytes and adds no dlls or registry entries)

Remember, to enter the upper ASCII characters, you will need to use the number keypad, hold down the ALT key, then on the number key pad, type the 0 + XXX (the 3 digit number key code!). This is the usual method for accessing the upper ASCII characters in non-Unicode fonts. Recall that these fonts have not the large Unicode overhead, they also contain many "expert" custom and technical glyphs, not found in any Unicode sets. After you use these fonts for awhile, you will easily recall most of these input combinations! The 4 part Hebrew font really requires the added manual, this 33 page manual shows the entire 850 or so glyphs, and how to easily access them.
(All fonts are non-Unicode, True Type fonts only). ALL fonts are hinted, and fully embeddable; and kerned where needed. Some folks have converted some of these to PostScript fonts, I do not support such conversion, do so at your own risk. Good reports come from others who did their own conversions, I just do not know where the glyphs will map!

Below is a list of the 21 typefaces:

The Bold and Italic fonts are truly separate fonts, this is so because, when creating a written document, users often click on the "BOLD" "UNDERLINE" or "ITALIC" attributes in the menu bar of their word processor (or DTP) program. However, these attributes are corrupted when converted to a PDF format. Thus is is best to use a separate font for each attribute to avoid corruption (Separate underlining "lines" are available in the fonts). In some programs I have found (for reasons unknown) that the quotation marks may not appear, so extra quotation marks are provide elsewhere in the font(s) so that they can always be input! Full papyrological apparatus symbols included in many fonts!

These fonts are copyrighted, and are free for anyone to use as often as they want in any type of publication. The fonts are fully embeddable on websites and in PDF documents! I ask that you simply give a line of credit similar to this:
This font (name.ttf) provided by Mr. G. S. Dykes -- OR
These fonts (names.ttf) provided by Mr. G. S. Dykes

Thats all, and you CANNOT sell any of these fonts or charge for their use. Give them to your students, and share them freely.
If you have any questions or problems with the fonts, please do not bother the webmaster of this host site!!
Direct your font questions to Gary S. Dykes.