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Employment: It’s Your Future

People from around the world think finding a decent job is the key to escaping poverty. But young people, on average, are two to three times more likely than their parents to be unemployed. If you think about it, the importance of your job goes well beyond your monthly paycheck—jobs are at the very heart of a country’s growth and a person’s security and livelihood. Do you have one?

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Thanks to you, Youthink! is the 2006 Webby Award Winner for Activism! We appreciate your support of Youthink! in its goal to raise awareness of how important development is to young people. More

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Youth (you!) are the future. Decisions you make today will determine the nature of the world you inherit. So, talk to us. Shout to us. You have our attention! Details More

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What’s on Your Plate?

We choose foods for a variety of reasons—taste, habit, ethnic traditions, availability and cost. Before your next meal, explore how your body uses food. It may just change what’s on your plate.

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