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Somehow, you became curious about us. Color us flattered. We suspect it's because you're wondering what GMD Studios is all about or is currently up to, rather than how the weather is in Orlando today.

We have ten years of experience with having a hard time explaining what we do here at GMD Studios. We've become exceptionally good at it.

That's because our experimental outlook on how connected media, traditional media and community interact with each other frequently requires us to be the odd ducks out in any particular room. Sometimes we're brand builders, sometimes we're entertainers, sometimes we're programmers, sometimes we're analysts... but the concept of communities and conversations is always lurking in the heart of whatever it is we are doing.

Sometimes our experiments involve brands we own with partners, sometimes they involve collaborators and the brands they own, and sometimes they end up as musings somewhere on the Web or on a panel somewhere. Since connected media is all about conversations, we'd be happy to have one with you.


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