Executive Profiles:

Eva J. is the founder and CEO of D.I.E. Her background in science and research is crucial to D.I.E.'s forensics program. She currently oversees D.I.E.'s West Coast and European operations.

Chuko is a certified crime scene cleanup technician with an emphasis on trace-free removal of biological remains. She currently serves as D.I.E.'s VP of Field Operations, and heads the Asia field office.

Dav C. has been D.I.E.'s CTO since its inception in 1998. He heads D.I.E.'s biotech and emerging technologies divisions.

Mie K. is D.I.E.'s VP of Communications. She uses her expertise in emerging mobile technologies to coordinate D.I.E.'s trans-continental mobile operations,

Sean S. serves as D.I.E.'s VP of Human Resources. He is the head of D.I.E.'s witness program.

Erich von H. is D.I.E.'s VP of Armed Services. His background in firearms and nuclear weaponry, combined with his connections to Eastern Europe and the Middle East ensure the safety and success of D.I.E.'s mission-critical covert operations.

Sandy S. serves as D.I.E.'s legal council. He heads the Central America field office.

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