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The Spiderwebart Gallery is owned by artist Greg Hildebrandt. Greg's career in art with his brother Tim Hildebrandt spans over 40 years. His passion for sharing art with the world led Greg to establish the Spiderwebart Gallery. He has built a vast array of original art and collectibles for you to enjoy and purchase. Whether you are looking for yourself or someone you love, Spiderwebart has over 4,000 pieces of fabulous art, books and collectibles for you to choose from.

Spiderwebart acts as representatives for world-renowned artists, as well as selling the original art by these artists. Apart from the Brothers Hildebrandt, some of the illustrators we showcase are Alex Horley, Brian Froud, Lou Harrison and Nelson DeCastro. We have original penciled and inked pages of comic book art by Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, Andy Kubert, and many more. Spiderwebart also sells a wide range of prints and lithographs. Some of these have been created by such artists as Dave Stevens and Jim Silke. We have prints and lithographs that deal with Star Wars, J.R.R. Tolkien, Marvel and DC comics, classic movie poster art, pinups and childrens book illustration.

Spiderwebart has linked up with Dynamic Forces and Every Picture Tells a Story to bring you an even wider selection of art and prints to choose from. Keepsakes, calendars, trading card sets, illustrated books, signed comic books and posters are all available to view or purchase.

Whether your taste may be fantasy, science fiction, horror, entertainment art, Romance or Religious art we have what you want. If we don't have it we will be happy to locate it for you. If we can't locate it we will be happy to create it for you. Remember art is a gift that will last for a lifetime and beyond, making all of your childhood dreams and fantasies come true.

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