Botany 1050
Introduction to Botany
California State University Stanislaus
Spring 2006

Dr. Steven J. Wolf

Instructor Materials

Essential Stuff:

Lecture Notes
Course Syllabus
CSU Stanislaus Botany Image Collection
Fruit Key - Series of web pages using only one couplet at a time
Fruit Key - One page summary of major fruit types
Genetic Code and "Code Cracker"
Geologic Time Scale

Fun Stuff:

Digital Photos, Mostly Plants
Mountain Bike Site

Threaded Discussion

Use the class Threaded Discussion to ask a question of your instructor, discuss topics amongst yourselves or receive announcements or study questions from your instructor. Be courteous and polite. Offensive or non relevant posts, e.g. complaints, will be removed. The threaded discussion is for scientific discussions only. Affirmations of religious faith and/or statements unsupported by scientific evidence will be deleted. The threaded discussion is not a substitute for things that should be discussed in person with your instructor. 


Click here to access a glossary tailored specifically to Dr. Wolf's lectures.


Lab schedule


Dr. Wolf's Schedule and calendar

General Resources

Biology Links: Evolution
Charles Darwin's "On the origin of species..."
DNA from the Beginning
Experiments in Plant Hybridization (Mendel's Paper)
National Center for Science Education
PBS Evolution Series Web Site
Science and Creationism A View from the National Academy of Sciences
Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Macrofungi of Costa Rica
Tom Volk's Fungi Images
Tree of Life, Fungi


Lichen Land
Lichen keys on the Internet


Bryophytes Home Page


Algae Home Page - Smithsonian Institution
Diatom Home Page
Introduction to the "Slime Molds"
MyxoWeb - Plasmodial Slime Molds
Protist Image Data Base
Seaweed Information Server
Tree of Life, Charales  

Vascular Plants

Illustrated Glossary of Angiosperm reproductive features.
Illustrated Glossary of Vegetative Features, e.g. roots, stems, twigs and leaves.

Plant Images

Plant Images from Steven J. Wolf
Microscope Images from Steven J. Wolf

Vascular Plant Image Gallery
Virtual Foliage Home Page

General References

Encarta Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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