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Frisco, Texas is the site of  America's newest velodrome.  
Located in Frisco,  Texas,  Adjacent to Collin County Community College.
This track is being constructed by V96SG, the same company that built the Centennial Olympic Velodrome in Stone Mountain Georgia.   This site is the Unnofficial Web Site for the EDS Superdrome.   Look here for the Official web site, now up and running. 

This track was Completed May 15th, 1998.

Directions to the track



          Aug. 16         Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Velodrome.
          Oct. 25          Site preparation continues.
          Nov.  6          Steel Superstructure arrives. Trey Gannon, Helping with the steel.
          Nov.10          Several of Mike Gladu's Photos of the construction, from the 'Drome.
          Dec.24           Tentative completion date for site preparation.
          Jan.   8           Final Batch of Steel is Shipped.

          Jan. 12           Final Batch of Steel  due to Arrive.   
          Jan. 12           Photo of infield, Thanks to El Nino, the 2nd wettest Dec. in 100 years.
          Jan. 13           Tentative start date for assembling track steel superstructure.

          Jan. 14           Collin County names their new Track Manager, Mike Gladu.
          Jan. 15           Photo of  Footers for the banking, Home Straight, looking into turn 1 and 2.
          Jan. 17           Photo of  Nick Chenoweth, taking a break with the Steel Superstructure.
          Jan. 20           Photo of  Steel Superstructure for the banking,  looking into turn 3 and 4.
          Jan. 25           The Steel is all in place.  Photo of infield from outside of  turn 1.
          Jan. 28           Photo of  the tunnel,  located between turn 3 and 4.
          Jan. 30           Photo of  Steel  for the banking,  looking into turns 1 and 2.
          Feb.  5           Photos of  Masonry of Main Entrance and Track offices.
          Feb. 10          The First piece of  Surface is applied to the steel.
          Feb. 17          The Home straight surface is nearly complete.
          Feb. 28          Ceremony for laying the final piece of surface.
          Feb. 28          Team EDS Takes to the New Surface!
          Mar.  6          Working  on the Apron Interface
          Mar.  7          Category 4 Officials Seminar.
          Mar. 13-15    Category 2 - 3 Officials Seminar.
          Mar.  30        Work on the infield is nearly complete.
          Apr.    1         Track is surveyed for lines.
          Apr.    6         Track is certified (postponed)
          May    4         Lines on the track are complete.
          May    8         USCF National team arrives for training camp.
          May 15-16     EDS Spring Classic

          May  16         Picture of  Scoreboard & Tunnel, between turns 3 & 4.
          June 30-July 4 Elite Nationals
          Sept.11-13     EDS Track Cup final event


          City Of Frisco, Parks and Rec Dept.   See Artists sketches of the Track!
          Calendar  Events schedule for the EDS Superdrome
          EDS Track Cup  Info on entire series.
          Today's Weather and Forecast  For Frisco, Dallas, Fort Worth.
          Track Cycling FAQ's   Frequently Asked Questions about Track Cycling, by Durer Shomer
          Interview With Chris Nadovich  Cyclist, and one of the architects for V96SG
          Mathmatica and Stone Mtn Velodrome Press release from the software company  used to create the velodrome
          Bicycle Online and Stone Mtn Velodrome Interview with Dale Hughes, Owner of V96SG.
          Mike Gladu's  'Drome Page  Local afficionado's Track page.
          Ken Hart's Track home Page
Webmaster for this and several other track websites.

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