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Scholars and Community Leaders to Discuss Booker T. Washington's Legacy and the Future of the African American Community

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GOAt presents... Addicted to Oil: Can the U.S. Kick the Habit? on Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Free-Market Health Care Alternatives Proposed in Illinois

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Cato Institute Will Award its 2006 Milton Friedman Prize in Chicago, May 18

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New Coalition President Thanks Mayor Daley


Pressure for Market-Based Medicaid Reform Rises
Medicaid's skyrocketing expenditures are reaching a breaking point in state budgets, experts say, and state legislatures are responding with sweeping ... (read more)

Michigan Citizens Hope to Limit State's Spending
Petitioners across the state are gathering signatures to put the Stop OverSpending (SOS) initiative on the 2006 ballot. SOS, as its supporters call it, ... (read more)

Mixed Reviews for Reform
Critics of market-based Medicaid reform claim the plans are "untested" and would result in higher costs and worse health outcomes.

Medicaid Costs Are Busting Budgets for North Carolina Counties
Counties across North Carolina are experiencing budget problems because of high and increasing Medicaid costs. According to the North Carolina Association ... (read more)

County Officials Sound Off on Medicaid
"It's kind of crazy that we don't have a Medicaid cap in place. Property values are fairly low, but our tax rate makes it very difficult to compete from ... (read more)

Georgia Passes Strong Property Rights Protections
The state of Georgia has passed one of the nation's strongest protections against eminent domain abuse by state and local government bodies. On April ... (read more)

Missouri Town Hikes Taxes for Green City Hall
Citizens of Cottleville, Missouri will be forced to pay an extra one-half percent sales tax to finance a "green" city hall, under the terms of a proposal ... (read more)

Commentary: Windfall Profits Tax a Loser for Citizens and the Economy
Egged on by the red-faced anger served up by rant-and-rave TV populists, Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle (D) on May 1 launched an online petition calling for ... (read more)

Maryland Legislature Forces Governor into Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
On April 6, Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R) signed into law the "Healthy Air Act," a bill aimed at reducing air pollution from coal-fired power plants. ... (read more)

Mo. Rejects Renewable Power Mandate
While city administrators in Cottleville, Missouri endorsed new taxes to pay for their proposed "green" city hall, state legislators rejected a proposal ... (read more)

State Budgets Benefit from Increased Energy Prices
New data from the federal government and several states show states that encourage natural resource recovery are collecting a revenue windfall from taxes ... (read more)

Colo. Gov. Vetoes Limits on Certification
On March 30, Colorado Gov. Bill Owens (R) vetoed a bill that would have added new restrictions to the state's two-year-old alternative certification program ... (read more)

Vermont Spends More, But Has Little to Show
Rising real estate values and declining enrollments since 2000 have escalated rural Vermont's per-pupil spending with little to show for the expense, ... (read more)

Analysis: Dollars Should Follow Scholars into Higher Education: Study
On March 14, the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute released a study recommending a portion of state higher education funding in Arizona go directly to ... (read more)

Government's Distrust of Innovation Disserves Children
Innovative products are rarely of high quality when they are first produced. The literature on technological innovation speaks of "early adopters" as ... (read more)

The Dangers of Dictating Procurement
A Massachusetts directive that mandates use of an open source software format for electronic document storage marked a major victory for the open source ... (read more)

In the News
Competitive carriers have been expanding to metropolitan and regional fiber networks, validating predictions that the end of unbundled network elements-platform ... (read more)

Asheville Project Succeeds Against Chronic Disease
When 43-year-old Brenda Mills of North Carolina was diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes late last year, she was devastated. Her mother was diagnosed with ... (read more)

Telemedicine Provides Benefits, but Security and Privacy Risks Abound
The Internet is transforming the way Americans interact with the health care system, and consumers want more opportunities to use it.

50 Ways for Kids to Exercise--Indoors Or Out
Does your child spend far too much of his or her free time watching TV or playing video games? Experts advise that two hours of TV or video games a day ... (read more)

June 2006 School Reform News (PDF)
The June 2006 issue of School Reform News reports on state efforts to raise the bar on high school graduation standards--to better prepare students ... (read more)

June 2006 Environment & Climate News (PDF)
The June 2006 issue of Environment & Climate News features a devastating critique, by Marlo Lewis of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, of Time ... (read more)

May 2006 Health Care News (PDF)
The June 2006 issue of Health Care News addresses the major health care policy debates of the day.

June 2006 Budget & Tax News (PDF)
The June 2006 issue of Budget & Tax News highlights the need for Medicaid reform and the impact of the program on state budgets. Illinois, New ... (read more)

June 2006 IT&T; News (pdf)
The June 2006 issue of IT&T; News reports on the 135-page telecom reform measure introduced by Sens. Daniel Inouye and Ted Stevens--which Adam Thierer ... (read more)