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All material produced by Depeche Mode's fan club, from the Information Service to Bong Magazine. 

Depeche Mode Information Service Newsletters

The Depeche Mode Information service ran from early 1982 to late 1987, run initially by Martin's and Dave's respective girlfriends, Anne Swindell and Jo Fox. As well as giving news updates on the band's releases, the letters gave details of upcoming tours and TV appearances, and ran the occasional competition. Here are editions of the newsletter from April 1985 onwards.


Depeche Mode Fan Club Newsletters

In the autumn of 1987, the Information Service became an actual fan club instead of simply a mailing list. The regular newsletter ended soon after, being replaced by the magazine "Bong", but newsletters were still sent out sporadically for special events.


Bong Magazine

In late 1987, the Depeche Mode Fan Club became a magazine later known as "Bong", which settled into a routine of being issued quarterly. Its final issue (number 52) was published in June 2002. With the exception of a few magazines (28, 29 and 30), here are all the notable articles and images from the entire run of the British edition of Bong Magazine.


Bong Newsletters

Occasionally it was necessary for Bong Magazine to send out newsletters in addition to the regular magazine to publicise special events. Here is a small selection of these newsletters.


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