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Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton just introduced a bill that would link Congressional pay increases to increases in the federal minimum wage. We told Senator Clinton how important the minimum wage is to SinceSlicedBread community members, and she decided to take action, modeling her bill on three ideas submitted to the SSB contest!

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icon of a mother stick figure holding a child stick figure's handIn honor of Mothers' Day, we're sharing a sample of ideas addressing child care and parenting — key work and family issues. That family issues are important to working life in America came shining through in the citizen-generated ideas on

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small globe graphicThousands of ideas to stop global warming, conserve energy, reduce waste, save our planet and create good jobs for women and men were submitted to Click here to download a summary (PDF) of the sampling of ideas we are sending to the media, policy-makers and elected officials to commemorate Earth Day.

Click here to download a copy of our Tax Day memo (PDF)

Meet the Winners!

On Feb 1, SEIU and the contest judges announced the best ideas Since Sliced Bread, as determined by the public vote. And the winning idea couldn't be more appropriate for Earth Day!

the Hope Street GroupInterested in reading more about the shared hopes and concerns of Since Sliced Bread participants? SEIU asked the Hope Street Group to highlight common themes emerging from the contest ideas. Hope Street Group is a nonpartisan, nonprofit think tank of young business professionals dedicated to expanding economic opportunity and growth.

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