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Salmonella crisis for EU egg imports -  15 Jun 06
Britain is importing thousands of eggs from commercial poultry farms on mainland Europe which are contaminated with salmonella, a leaked report from the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa) has claimed.
Charities to oppose NICE ruling on Alzheimer's drugs -  15 Jun 06
Alzheimer's charities have reacted angrily to a ruling by UK drugs regulators to only allow limited access to effective Alzheimer's drugs on the NHS, announcing that they will be appealing the decision.
FSA pushes for junk food ads ban -  15 Jun 06
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has called for all television adverts for junk food to be banned before the 9pm watershed in an effort to tackle the rising problem of childhood obesity and other health concerns.
NHS Alliance attacks NHS -  15 Jun 06
The Department of Health's management of the NHS has been roundly criticised by the NHS' representative body, NHS Alliance.
Bone marrow cells 'cannot reverse sterility' -  15 Jun 06
A recent study that claimed that bone marrow cells could reverse sterility in women has been contradicted by new research.
Fungal spore exposure 'may cause allergies' -  14 Jun 06
Exposure to certain kinds of fungal spores during childhood may led to an increased chance of developing multiple allergies later on in life, new research suggests.
Parents warned over stem cell banking -  14 Jun 06
Parents hoping to preserve their newborn baby's stem cells in case of future illness have been warned of the possible dangers associated with collecting the cells by health experts.
Wrinkles 'could predict lung disease' -  14 Jun 06
The number of wrinkles that a smoker has could help predict the likelihood of them developing progressive lung diseases such as bronchitis, new research suggests.
Children who like vegetables 'copying parents' -  14 Jun 06
Children learn to enjoy vegetables as a result of their parent's influence, while a taste for meat in inherited, new research claims.
Head lice treatment 'four fifths ineffective' -  14 Jun 06
Popular treatments for head lice are only killing off one out of every five head lice, it has been claimed.
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11 May 2006
Human trial of bird flu vaccine 'encouraging'
2 May 2006
Stopping flights 'will not halt bird flu'
Norfolk chickens test positive for bird flu
British bird flu fears ease
Bird flu risk 'very low'
Bird flu tests could take days
Deadly bird flu strain confirmed in swan
Britain tests bird flu readiness
Warning over British bird flu plans
Horse antibodies 'protect against bird flu'
Five die from bird flu in Azerbaijan
Bird flu hits Burma
Bird flu claims another life, will spread to US
Bird flu diagnosed in second mammal
Poland confirms first bird flu case
Low risk from 'cat flu' claims Faculty of Public Health
Second bird flu case in France
EU backs bird flu vaccination
Bird flu precautions ignore poor
Bird flu spreads to German mainland
Bird flu fears arrive in France
Bird flu "more likely" on British shores
Hungary confirms bird flu outbreak
Bird flu cases reported in Germany
Bird flu found in Greece
Bird flu case in Africa
New hope for pandemic flu vaccine
Britain promises £20m after bird flu summit
Bird flu donor conference opens
Turkish girl dies from bird flu
Fresh fears as bird flu virus mutates
UN: Bird flu spread will continue
Ducks could bring bird flu to Britain
Bird flu "under control" in Turkey
Bird flu continues to spread in Turkey
WHO officials in Turkey amid bird flu fears
Turkey reports third bird flu death
Second child dies from bird flu in Turkey
Bird flu drug effectiveness questioned
Bird flu plans falling short
Bird flu 'still a threat'
Global agreement on bird flu vaccine
GPs told to plan for bird flu
New method 'boosts bird flu drug production'
Japanese chickens infected with bird flu
'Cook eggs well', says food body
Bird flu regulations to be introduced in UK
Live bird import ban mooted
Bird flu confirmed in imported parrot
Roche to license bird flu treatment
No panic over bird flu, says WHO
UK experts head to Asia in bird flu hunt
Greece reports bird flu in turkeys
Emergency meeting over bird flu spread
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