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The Swann campaign: Fire Gang Jubelirer


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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Republican gubernatorial nominee Lynn Swann may have hammered the final nail into his political coffin. And he has, perhaps, one chance to claw that nail out and fix his embarrassingly bad campaign for Pennsylvania governor.

With a campaign staff already heavily dominated by the same power-over-principle "Republicans" who gave us last summer's pay-jacking, Mr. Swann has named J. Andrew "Drew" Crompton as his deputy manager for policy.

Mr. Crompton spent more than a decade as chief counsel to one of the pay-jacking's chief architects, Bob Jubelirer of Altoona, the president pro tempore of the Senate who was rejected for renomination in May.

Worse, and as John Micek of The Morning Call of Allentown broke the story on his blog last year, Crompton had the audacity to pen an internal Senate memo arguing that pay-jacking foes such as Russ Diamond, Chris Lilik and Tim Potts should have to register as lobbyists with the state Senate.

An altruistic call for "transparency"? Hardly, given this crowd's penchant for opaqueness. It suggests an orchestrated plan of attempted intimidation that, to this day, we believe is worthy of a Justice Department investigation.

And now Drew Crompton will be one of Lynn Swann's top policy gurus?

The only way for Swann to even begin to salvage his campaign for governor is to fire Gang Jubelirer and start anew. Every last one of them. And now.

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