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The Halls and Colleges offer you a unique opportunity to learn much more than what is taught in lectures. You will also have the opportunity to live with other students from around Australia and the world who are studying many academic disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Self-catered and catered options are available. We offer single fully furnished single bedrooms to both men and women. All residences are centrally heated and carpeted, along with telephone and voicemail access.

Applications for ANU Halls and Affiliated Colleges are processed centrally by University Accommodation Services.


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Application process

How do I register ?

Students wishing to register for Semester 2, 2006 can complete the online form from late April. You will be asked to list your top 4 Halls and Colleges in order of preference and enter your course and contact details. If you list Burgmann or John XXIII College, you will also be asked for the contact details of 2 referees.

Once you have filled out the form you will be given a user name and password to check the status of your application. It is important to check the status of your application regularly, especially once you have been made an academic offer.

Remember you can only enter 1 application. Email UAS if you need to make any changes to your application.

For help with lodging your application, please email University Accommodation Service or phone 02 6125 1100.

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When do I register ?

If you have applied to study at the ANU, you should immediately register for accommodation. Do not wait until you have received an offer of admission to the University. Your application for accommodation is independent of your application for admission.

  • Applications for Semester 2, 2006 will open on 28 April.
  • Applications for Semester 1, 2007 will open on 26 August 2006

Please do not arrive without making prior arrangements for accommodation. We can help you find short-term accommodation before you arrive if needed.

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Can ACT residents register ?

ACT residents are not eligible to register for ANU Halls and Colleges unless there are exceptional circumstances. Please contact the ANU Welfare office or the ANU Disability Services Unit if you believe you should be eligible for on-campus accommodation.

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Can I change my preferences ?

Yes. You can update your application at any time. Just email UAS to update your details.

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How are residents chosen ?

We select residents from large numbers of applications. We look for a balance of backgrounds, trying to ensure a diverse community. You are asked to provide your top 4 preferences for accommodation. If you miss out on your 1st preference, we will try and place you in your 2nd or 3rd. We cannot promise that students will get placed in a residence of their preference, so students should be willing to accept any ANU approved accommodation that they are offered.

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When will I know if I am accepted ?

  • New domestic students will be sent an offer of accommodation after they have received an academic offer to study at ANU, this will be from 26 June onwards.
  • New international undergraduate students will be sent an offer of accommodation after they have accepted their academic offer.
  • New international postgraduate students will be sent an offer of accommodation after 26 June depending on vacancies

    This means that most international students will need to pay their course fee deposit before they can confirm their accommodation.
    Accommodation offers will begin from 1 May and will be sent via email to students as they accept their academic offers.

    It is very important for international students to accept their academic offers early. This usually involves paying your course fee deposit. The earlier you accept your academic offer, the earlier we can confirm your accommodation. Students who accept their academic offer late may not be guaranteed accommodation.

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Special Circumstances

If you have any special requirements due to your health, disability or personal circumstances, it would be helpful to include this information with your application form. This will enable us to plan to meet your requirements, eg. easy disability access to all Hall facilities. You can also discuss your circumstances with the management of the Hall of your choice.

Useful Contacts:

Disability Support Services
Student Health Service
Student Welfare Office

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When can I move in ?

The standard move-in date for Semester 2, 2006 will be Saturday 8 July.

Please contact your Hall if you plan on arriving before or after this date.

If you arrive early and your university accommodation is not available we can help you arrange temporary accommodation until your room is ready.

Accompanying family members are welcome to stay for the 1st week to help you settle in. For temporary accommodation, the ANU provides fully furnished apartments at Liversidge Court and has an on-campus hotel at University House. Email to make a reservation

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International Students Under 18

Due to Australian Visa requirements, international students under the age of 18 are not permitted to live in a Hall or College. These students must have a legal guardian and Home stay is usually the best arrangement. Contact the International Education Office for more information.

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What if I already live on campus and want to move to a different Hall or College ?

Students currently living in an ANU Hall or affiliated College and wishing to transfer to another Hall / College should not register online. Complete this transfer form and take it to the Hall or College that you would like to move to.

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Can someone pick me up from the airport ?

International students can arrange a free airport pick-up. This must be arranged at least 2 days before you arrive.

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