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Jamendo storms Amsterdam and San Francisco   This week CC music company Jamendo is presenting at a raft of conferences. CTO Sylvain Zimmer is in Amsterdam presenting at "Holland Open Conference" and the "Digital Pioneers Academy." His slides ...

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Creative Commons licenses provide a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors, artists, and educators. We have built upon the "all rights reserved" concept of traditional copyright to offer a voluntary "some rights reserved" approach. We're a nonprofit organization. All of our tools are free.

Featured Content

Scoopt Words

Scoopt, the world's first commercial citizen journalism photography agency, has just launched ScooptWords to help bloggers sell their content to newspapers and magazines. Within the Scoopt interface, you can easily add a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license to your blog right alongside a Scoopt commercial badge. Use the CC license to tell people how your work can be used non-commercially; use the ScooptWords badge to let editors know that your writing can be purchased for commercial use. There's so much great blog content being created every day -- it'll be very exciting to see how it helps change the way newspapers and magazines are created.

Música Lliure II

Música Lliure II

Música Lliure II is a terrific new CD of Creative Commons-licensed jazz music by Catalan artists like Elisabet Raspall, Karion, Ismael Duenas, Joan Diaz, and La Orquesta de la Muerte (with a bonus contribution from Brazil's Gilberto Gil). Produced by FOBSIC and Enderrock, the disc is available for free with the current issue of blues and jazz magazine Jaç. As with its predecessor, Música Lliure, the songs on Música Lliure II are available for free download at

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam's "Life Wasted" Video

The new music video for Pearl Jam's "Life Wasted" was released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs license, so that people anywhere can legally copy, distribute, and share the clip. This is the first Pearl Jam video to be released in eight years and the first video produced by a major label to be CC-licensed. You can download the video for free from several Web sites, and via BitTorrent by using the torrent file hosted by LegalTorrents.

Photo © Danny Clinch. Used with permission.



The 2006 edition of the popular international music contest Diesel–U-Music is open to unsigned artists playing rock, urban/hip-hop, and electronic music. All of the songs entered into this year's contest will be licensed under CC's Attribution-NonCommercial license, so they can be legally shared, reused, and remixed by people around the world. Go to from now through June 25th to upload your best tracks and earn a chance to perform live in London and receive massive press and radio exposure. Past Diesel-U-Music winners include cut-and-paste superstar Mylo, multimedia mixers inside-us-all, and trilingual rapper Nikka — you could be next!

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Remix My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

David Byrne and Brian Eno's landmark sampling album My Life in the Bush of Ghosts was recently remastered and reissued with extensive liner notes, photos, and previously unreleased bonus tracks. To celebrate the release, Byrne and Eno launched where the audio source files from two of the classic tracks from Bush of Ghosts — "A Secret Life" and "Help Me Somebody" — are offered under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 license, so you can (subject to the download terms of use) use them to make remixes. The site allows uploads and user ratings, as well as the ability to share videos you make for music on Bush of Ghosts.

Featured Commoners

Bruce Damer


Jun 2006 The DigiBarn is a computer museum located in a 90-year-old barn in California's Santa Cruz Mountains. It is also an online repository of Creative Commons-licensed photos, video, audio, and technical documentation that tell the history of personal computing. We recently spoke with the DigiBarn's curator, Bruce Damer about the museum and its use of CC licensing.

Photo by Carolyn Hack of CEO and former Red, Red Hat chairman, Bob Young at a desk of books.


MAY 2006 Lulu offers a publishing service for “digital do-it-yourselfers” to publish all manner of media including books, music, comics, photographs, and movies. Mia Garlick from Creative Commons caught up with Stephen Fraser from Lulu to learn more about Lulu’s service and their use of Creative Commons licensing.

Director General (Luis Alberto Bolaños) and the Joint Director General (Emilio Saldaña) of the SIP

Sistema de Internet de la Presidencia, Mexico

MAR 2006 The Sistema de Internet de la Presidencia (or Presidency Internet System) ("SIP") is the office in charge of generating and publishing all of the Mexican President Vicente Fox's content and information over the Internet. They host and maintain various websites including the Presidency's main website, "México en Línea" the Presidency's Internet radio station, and "Software Libre" Presidency's website for using the FLOSS project. León Felipe Sánchez, of our CC Mexico team, interviewed Luis Alberto Bolaños (pictured on the right) and Emiliio Saldaña (pictured on the left) to explain why Creative Commons licenses caught the Mexican Presidency's attention. A Spanish version of this interview is available here.