Science and Invention

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First published as ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, the name was changed to SCIENCE AND INVENTION in 1920; the last issue was published in August 1931. One of Hugo Gernsback's famous popular technical magazines.

The BigList has this to say about both titles of this magazine:

  • Total Issues: 220 (under both titles)
  • Issues:
         ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER: May, 1913 — July, 1920
         SCIENCE AND INVENTION: August, 1920 — August, 1931.
  • Publishers: Experimenter Publishing until March, 1929
  • Editors:
         Hugo Gernsback to March, 1929
         Arthur H. Lynch, April 1929 —
  • Formats: large format  
  • Prices: 10 cents to mid-1916; 15 cents, then rising to 25 cents by February 1920
  • Pagecounts: rising to 144pp by Oct-1919
  • Frequency: monthly
  • The August 1923 and August 1924 issues are considered by some to have been the "first" science-fiction magazines published in the twentieth century. Certainly the success of these two issues led Gernsback to publish a specialized fiction magazine, AMAZING STORIES, beginning in 1926.

    Beginning with the March 1926 issue, the Gernsback magazine THE EXPERIMENTER was merged into SCIENCE AND INVENTION and given a subtitle on the cover. The subtitle was dropped from the cover after the September 1926 issue.

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    February 1923

    January 1925

    October 1926

    March 1928

    November 1929

    May 1931

    We will add further publishing information when we can.

    Note: When we have good source images we've processed them to a standard image size 650 x 896 pixels, representing the normal shape of the covers of the magazine. When we have only lower-quality source files, we've presented them in smaller versions.


    • Our own files
    • John Locke
    • An anonymous fan of the Gernsback magazines
    • Lloyd Schubert, of Schubert's Auction Services, who scanned for us two of the issues we were missing, and nine others to provide high-quality images
    • Library of Congress
    • eBay sellers
    • Doug Ellis
    • Guy Gordon

    Special thanks to Doug Ellis, who let us photograph his run of 1926-7 issues for the website. Thanks also to Guy Gordon, who has sent two of the missing cover images, and corrected the publishing history of this title and SCIENCE AND MECHANICS.

    Update history:

    • 20 February 2006: Added one improved image, and the two missing issues. We now have a complete run!
    • 13 January 2005: Replaced 9 issues with much better, high-quality images derived from Lloyd Schubert's scans
    • 17 December 2004: Added August and October 1922; we are now missing only two issues from a complete run
    • 16 November 2004: Updated formats
    • 11 August 2004: Added direct links to cover images to this index page
    • 18-19 July 2004: Added more than 80 missing images and better versions
    • 11-13 September 2002: Created this section. First 114 images uploaded.


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