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May 22, 2002 - 5:40 pm
State Releases Findings into Indianapolis Training Center Investigation

The News 8 I-Team has learned new information in a state investigation into allegations of child abuse at an Indianapolis juvenile facility. The I-Team broke this story back in February.

After more than three months of investigation, the state of Indiana says the allegations of child abuse against the Indianapolis Training Center are unsubstantiated. The allegations began when a 10-year old girl named Tara told state officials and the I-Team she was locked in a prayer room for days at a time with no food, and that she was spanked fourteen times. She's not the only child making the allegations. Others from around the country have also made the same claims over the years.

However, Indiana Family and Social Services says "based upon the information gathered, the allegations of confinement, lack of food and and inappropriate discipline is unsubstantiated." There were allegations of educational neglect that Tara and others did not receive a proper education. The state says the home schooling used by the facility is under Indiana law. Tara also says she was held down by teenage mentors. The state says that is true on one occasion. It was action taken to control of Tara who was reported out of control. The mother and daughter are both upset with the state's findings.

During the investigation, Marion County courts stopped sending children to ITC and the center changed policy and stopped spanking the children. But again, the state says the training center is in the clear and all allegations are unsubstantiated.

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