Marco Hausiku: "Morocco must withdraw from Western Sahara and let Saharawi people enjoy its rights"


Addis Ababa, 08/07/04 (SPS) Namibian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Marco Hausiku, declared that " Morocco must withdraw from Western Sahara and let Saharawi people enjoy its" legitimate right to independence, calling African Union (AU) to maintain its support to UN's resolutions on the decolonisation of Western Sahara.

"The position of Namibia is that Saharawi people must get back its independence", declared the Head of Namibian diplomacy, in his answer to a question on the position of his country about the decolonisation process of Western Sahara.

"The only way Moroccan Government has to follow is to respect international legality and to enforce, without further delay, the International community's resolutions to allow Saharawi people exercise its right to self-determination and independence", he underlined, adding that "no African country" can remain "subjected to occupation by another African country".

"African Union must, according to Mr.Hausiku, continue supporting SADR" in its struggle to recover its people's legitimate rights, and must "preserve the independence of all African peoples and guarantee them control over their fates", he concluded. (SPS)

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Africa works "seriously for the decolonisation of Western Sahara", declares Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa

Addis Ababa, 08/07/04 (SPS) Foreign Affairs Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Mr. Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa, declared Thursday to SPS, that his Government and other African countries "work seriously… for the decolonisation of Western Sahara", deploring Morocco's intransigent attitude.

Mr. Mohlabi Kenneth Tsekoa, who was taking part to the works of the third ordinary session of African Union Summit, underlined in an exclusive interview with SPS that his country "having excellent relationships with SADR", has always supported Saharawi people's right to independence. He also declared that the Kingdom of Lesotho works "seriously with other African leaders like the President of South Africa, Mr. Thabo Mbeki for the decolonisation of Western Sahara".

"Saharawi people are to recover its freedom urgently and its territorial integrity must be respected", he put, adding that defending Saharawi people's rights to self-determination and independence is also a duty of the African Union, due to the legitimacy of Saharawis claims and since SADR is a member State to the African organisation.

Asked about his opinion about Moroccan intransigence, the Head of Lesotho's diplomacy estimated that "Morocco complicates the situation by following the policy of the empty chair, since it withdrew from the continental organisation". Mr. Tsekoa declared, however, that "the goal to which we have to head to is the complete independence of Western Sahara", despite of the lack of cooperation from Rabat.

"Morocco must respect SADR's territorial integrity and Saharawi people's right to self-determination, like all Western Sahara's neighbouring countries do", he stressed, calling the African Union to maintain its support to the Saharawi case. (SPS)

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Ould Salek: "African Union is clear in its support of the peace plan for the self-determination of Saharawi people"

Addis Ababa, 08/07/04 (SPS) Foreign Affairs Minister, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, declared Thursday, at the end of African Union third ordinary summit's works, that Africa was "clear in its support of the peace plan for the self-determination of Saharawi people", after the Summit's adoption of AU Commission's report on western Sahara.

Mr. Salek underlined that "SADR's election to the post of vice-president of the Union is a proof of respect and consideration to the Saharawi case", and another defeat to Morocco.

By electing SADR to the post of vice-president of the AU, African countries aimed to "consecrate the isolation of Morocco and to express Africa's refusal to change its position on the last problem of decolonisation in the continent, Western Sahara's", he added.

Asked by SPS on his evaluation of the conference, the Head of Saharawi diplomacy estimated that "it was an excellent summit. All the points in the agenda were tackled in a spirit of agreement and appropriate resolutions and decisions were adopted. Frankly speaking, it is the best summit of the Union so far, and it is a new landmark in the strengthening of the union of our continent".

"In short, he concluded, SADR is satisfied with the results and the success of this third ordinary session of African Union".
On another hand, the President of the Republic, Mohamed Abdelaziz, had had meetings with the Presidents of South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan as well as the Head of Seychelles delegation, in margin of the works of the summit.

It should be mentioned that the Government of Ethiopia had donated to each African Union Member State a piece of land of 2000 m2 for the construction of chancellery and residence. (SPS)

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Closure of the third African Union's ordinary session

Addis Ababa, 08/07/04 (SPS) The works of the third ordinary meeting of the Head of African Union's (AU) States and Governments were closed this morning after three days debates and after the adoption of a set of resolutions and decisions, in a Summit qualified as "excellent and successful", SPS noted.

The different themes of the agenda were tackled with success and in a spirit of understanding. The summit agreed on the questions relative to the new partnership for Africa (NEPAD), the establishment of the Peace Council of the Union, the prevention and struggle against terrorism and the launching and institution of the African Parliament, which siege will be in South Africa.

The third session, which decided the organisation of two ordinary summits from now on, also adopted AU commission's report in which the member States reaffirmed " AU's support to the peace plan", for the settlement of Western Sahara conflict, unanimously adopted by UN's Security Council in its resolution 1495. It further called the parties to the conflict, Morocco and Polisario Front, "to seize this occasion" towards a lasting and final settlement of the conflict.

The settlement of the last decolonisation case in Africa, will inaugurate "a period of peace and lasting stability in the Maghreb, and also a stage of fruitful cooperation towards economic and social integration of the sub-region", had underlined the commission in its report. (SPS)

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U.S.-Western Sahara Foundation calls Bush to pressure Morocco organise the referendum for self-determination of Saharawi people

Washington, D.C, 08/07/04 (SPS) U.S-Western Sahara Foundation called George. W. Bush to pressure the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, who is expected to meet with American President at the White House Thursday, to allow the organisation of a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara, under the aegis of United Nations.

In a letter addressed Tuesday to USA President, George. W. Bush, the Foundation stressed on the role American Government is asked to play for the establishment of a lasting peace in the Maghreb, calling the Head of American State " to persuade the King to follow through on the long promised referendum", to Saharawi people.

" Morocco has continued to stymie the desires of the international community, the United Nations, and most recently, former Special Envoy, James Baker, to bring about this referendum ", deplored the letter, adding that the situation can be overcame " if the United States would use its influence with Morocco for a free and fair referendum " in Western Sahara.

"The Sahrawis, who long ago embraced democracy and have always condemned terrorism, would establish a democratic, Muslim society in North Africa", deserve to held control of their future, especially that Morocco does not only stymie " democracy and stability " in the Maghreb by its opposition to all fair and lasting solution to the conflict, but also damages the interests of Moroccan people, who pay the costs of " the military occupation of Western Sahara ", added the text.

On another hand, Moroccan regime does not stop at defying international legality, it persists in systematically violating political, social and economical rights of Saharawi people, especially the population living under its direct occupation, underlined the letter.

"Sahrawis are regularly tortured, repeatedly jailed and constantly harassed", condemned the Foundation, adding that Moroccan occupying authorities continue perpetrating these systematic abuses of Saharawi people's rights in Western Sahara, far from the witnessing eyes of international community by banning "reporters and international observers from the occupied territory".

The Foundation exhorted President Bush, to remain faithful to the principles he has always defended, " freedom and democracy ", asking him " uphold these values when (he) meet with the King " of Morocco, and to work for " a free Western Sahara that can serve as a great beacon of hope to North Africa and help bring stability to the Maghreb ", concluded the text. (SPS)

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