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Leo Laporte & Friends

TWiT 35: Woz

TWiT 35 is on the air. Audio only this week - we're on Skype.

Main feed courtesy those cool cats (and TWiTheads) at AOL Radio

BitTorrent - four flavors, no waiting.

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Hosts: Leo Laporte, John C. Dvorak, Kevin Rose, Steve Gibson, and special guest TWiT, Steve Wozniak.


  • Woz loves his Prius but don't be fooled by the green lights coming from it
  • Join Leo and Woz on the MacMania IV cruise to Mexico, February 4-11, 2006
  • Then Woz is off to the first annual Segway Polo Championships in New Zealand
  • Google buys a 5% stake in AOL
  • Shouldn't Microsoft spend more money on getting better search?
  • There's some interesting stuff from Microsoft at and
  • Protopage is the ultimate AJAX page - we'll interview the founder, Andre Parrie, Tuesday on Inside the Net
  • Does anybody remember
  • Bill and Melinda Gates join Bono as Time Magazine's Persons of the Year
  • In 1982 it was supposed to be Steve Jobs, but the computer was nicer to people
  • Andy Hertzfeld's says that the Apple Board almost killed the 1984 commercial
  • Watch the 1984 ad and other classics on the macTVpodcast
  • Look up folklore on, Andy
  • Woz has written his autobiography with Gina Smith - but it shall remain nameless
  • Warner-Chappelle has apologized to Walter Ritter , the author of the late, great, pearLyrics
  • But... the music publishers are still going after the lyrics sites
  • Sony finally settles with the inventor of the portable music player
  • John likes Writely, the online word processor
  • The new Yahoo Mail beta is pretty spectacular, too
  • Leo uses Blinksale to do his invoice, stores his stuff on Backpack
  • Kevin says wait until you see Google calendar
  • Woz asks why does Google use weird ports for their POP mail?
  • Gibson and Woz both use Eudora still, but Kevin loves Thunderbird and uses the Sage extension in Firefox for reading newsfeeds
  • Wikipedia is being vandalized, and yet, according to Nature it's very nearly as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica
  • The Apple Switch campaign generated a lot of parodies including the Canadian Switcher. Oops. I think Dvorak meant this one!
  • Woz loves his Oakley Razrwire bluetooth sunglasses

No TWiT next week - we're taking Christmas off. We'll be back with audio and video on New Year's Day. And join us at the Zeum on January 10 for our special live MacWorld edition.

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Thank You

Thank god for vacay letting me stay late and listenin to TWit at 12.17 am. Thanks leo for staying up late and posting it =)

A_tWitt's picture


Breathing a sigh of relief

Of course you know why Leo but I gotta say, this is the first podcast I've ever been impressed with the audio and having the Woz on there was great.


hrm that shouldn't have been at the end, I don't approve

Carbito's picture


Will there be a video this week? :)

Dam u beat me to saying that

Dam u beat me to saying that


Leo, Leo, Leo. If your not going to give us video, or at least not immediatly, you gotta tell us. Not having video when we now expect it from you, unless otherwise noted, is just disappointing. Now, in the event of a skype or telephone show, you could set up a flat picture of your co-hosts in 3d space to place around the round table and have you in the middle acting like there are actual people there. That would at least give us something to watch. The pixel corps guys could animate them and have them nod and turn and shake their head or whatnot. They could even replace those images with images of those hosts with certain emotions on their faces like confusion shock or smugness. Now that i take it all in, it might take a while for the corps to release it, but like Alex said, they get to try out new and exciting things that they might not get to try otherwise. Ask Alex the next time you see him if maybe something like that could be done within reason.

Deckard's picture

No video

I don't know if you're joking about the fake video stuff or not. But anyway, if you listen to the first minute of the audio this week, it's obvious that they're on Skype.

I will agree that it's nice to see in the show notes if there is going to be video or not. I'm not complaining about a wait of a couple days for the video mind you, as I realize that it takes more time to get the video ready.

uh, sorta

Maybe i was joking a little, but as a amateur video editor myself (, I absolutely love to see new and exciting things done with video technology. So yeah I don't expect them to do that, but I can always dream can't I?

P.S.:At the time I wrote that last post i was pretty much asleep, so odd things just sorta creep out of my head when I'm groggy.

matt_han's picture


Wow, I hope you're joking. This is one of the best TWiTs that I've heard.

Damn, you guys are whiners!

Shut-up the hell up about the video. You guys should be bloody embarassed. Do you guys complain like this all the time? Christ, almighty!

Look, if you guys want to whine, do it over here They've got video and show notes and a podcast like a mouthful of dry crackers. Go to it boys!

Conrad's picture

Stop your whining you Video wallies!

I've got my 60gig video ipod hooked up for my morning commute as much as the next guy. But i'm just thankful to have Leo and the TWiTs spending their time for this show. You don't pay for it (probably) and bandwidth costs. Leo also has a day job and he's pointed out time and time again he's not a video gun. It's not simple to put all the video together. So back off! Give the guy a break and be thankful for what you get.

"If you strike me down Darth, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"



scorpshockey's picture


Thanks Leo for your hard work as always, and enjoy the week off!

Tech Mike's picture

Thanks Guys

Thanks for another weekly dose of TWiT! Downloading Now.

That was fast

Wow... i don't believe it.. you guys are amazing.. you must have worked all night to upload the audio. It's 6pm Monday where I am, and 2am in San Francisco ... and the podcast is out!


Gamabunta's picture

Where's 34 ogg? problems with 34 AAC?

Does anybody have a link for the ogg of episode 34? I'd appreciate it.

Also, did anybody sucessfully download episode 34 in AAC? Everyday since it's been posted I've opened the torrent but nobody is seeding or leeching.

Tim_Champ's picture

Just use the freaking mp3

What is it with you ogg people. Use the mp3. It works. I promise.

I'm a freaking UNIX admin and I can handle mp3's. My little sister can. My brother can. My mother can.

Making Leo do all this extra work and run extra torrent seeds for obscure formats used by almost no one (no offense) is a waste of his time.

I'd much prefer he do something else, like make some money to support his family.

matt_han's picture

well said

Right on.

Conrad's picture

If you want OGG, convert the MP3s yourselves!

Why should the TWiTs waste their time pandering to the whims of some people who just want to be different. Get a freeware program or buy a shareware version and do the conversion yourselves!! Lazy geeks suck!

"If you strike me down Darth, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine"

I don't just like ogg...

I'm running Linux and its kind off annoying to use the MP3s. Besides, how are we saposed to spread these kind of formats if we just say "don't bother?"

This is a moment in history.

The biggest thing ever to happen in podcasting, this years prime event!

I blog at:

siouxmoux's picture

thanks leo for having the woz on tonight tWiTcast

thanks leo for having the woz on tonight tWiTcast and kevin is on this one as well!
Where Tech TV Lives on - Where Tech TV Lives On.
My new 80's New Wave Podcast

PileOfMush's picture


Is it just me, or does the Canadian Switcher guy have an iGloo instead of an iMac?

I havent listened yet, im @ work right now... but im gonna when im going to commute to my home...

but wasnt that website dedicated to this guys cat who had killed with a desktop. When he was moving to an other house, he had to get his furniture out through the window, also the desktop and the rope snapped and killed his cat...

or is that another


it seems the AAC for this episode and last never was completely seeded, I'm stuck at 84.8 percent :( I guess I'll have to get mp3 yet again

AAC Seed

I'll reseed 34 and 35 when I get to the office. Sorry about that!

-- Leo Laporte, Chief TWiT

Tim_Champ's picture

Your work ethic

For something that you don't get paid for, you do way too much!

I appreciate the work Leo, if it were me, I'd stick to 2 and tell the rest to do it themselves.

Thanks for TWiT - my money continues to be yours!

Kevin Rose is Back!

Thanks you Leo, for bringing Kevin on the show once again, and thank you Kevin for coming!

Tim_Champ's picture

Here Here!

THanks for coming Kevin, we all know things must be pretty busy these days. Congrats on the VC funding!

bwmiller72's picture

Great to hear Kevin again!

I also was glad to hear Kevin again on TWiT!

I know you've been understandably very busy (Congratulations!), but your views and input are most needed on TWiT! Please drop in when you can.


Man that was some pretty horrendus soundquality. Sad that Dvorak can't even set his sound up propperly.

matt_han's picture

Luckily the content more

Luckily the content more than made up for it!

pick pick pick.

Google's instruction pages

Fezzik's picture

Thanks again!

Another great job everyone!

stearnshd's picture

Like presents in the ol' Christmas stocking

Leo & company have a GREAT holiday break! Getting another episode before Christmas is like discovering Santa left goodies in my stocking early.

Here's a toast to all of you with eggnog & rum,
Alton, NH

TrekNeck's picture

SNL Skit

Here is a link to the SNL Skit that Leo referred to in TWiT #35.
SNL iPod Skit

RangerDutch's picture

Great link

Thanks for the link to that SNL skit. I hadn't seen it and didn't know what the guys were talking about on the show. That was pure humor!


Trunk3d's picture

That was great! I hadn't

That was great! I hadn't seen it either.

The message said "reinstall Windows", so I installed Linux

I really hope your all

I really hope your all kidding about video... I mean really, thought this was a tech audience: Skype = No Video

Good episode, I prefer it when your on skype

But we all know that skype

But we all know that skype does video now.


he's the ultimate TWiT... thanks for getting Woz on the show - hope he comes on regularly.

alexm's picture


Another good TWiT episode :) !

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the twits. Enjoy your time off.


Gina Smith... I haven't heard that name since last I listened to On Computers.

kelsey's picture down??

Does anyone know if is suffering from an overload of the twit army swarming?? Or should I just be patient?


Alternate URLs or mirrors?

Are there any alternate URLs for the podcasts or mirrors set up? My company's firewall blocks any AOL addresses (for obvious reasons) so is there another place I can get TWiT podcasts?

Love Woz

Thanks guys, great show, had to get a second dl since the first one cut off at ~58 minutes.

What is going on here???

I couldn't even get though this one...

Am I on drugs or is Twit going down hill?


Wishing Leo and the rest the best!

silentkv's picture

Probably just you. I liked

Probably just you. I liked it.
Shameless website plug...

dmbfan's picture

I thought this might have

I thought this might have been the best episode yet!

Thanks for everything Leo and crew. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.

Tim_Champ's picture

It's You

I liked it.