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The Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization V1.1.2 specifications are based on the SyncML Initiative v1.1.1 Data Synchronization specifications and make use of the OMA SyncML Common v1.1.2 specifications as specified in the OMA SyncML Common specifications Enabler Release Definition [ELREDSC]. The OMA Data Synchronization v1.1.2 Enabler Release release provides for the definition and promotes a set of universal specifications for data synchronization.

OMA Data Synchronization V1.2 - Status: Candidate Enabler -  Release Date: 2006-03-16
Enabler Package OMA-ERP-DS-V1_2-20060316-C.zip
ERELD Enabler Release Definition for Data Synchronisation OMA-ERELD-DS-V1_2-20060316-C.pdf
Specifications Email Data Object Specification OMA-TS-DS_DataObjEmail-V1_2-20060316-C.pdf
File Data Object Specification OMA-TS-DS_DataObjFile-V1_2-20060316-C.pdf
Folder Data Object Specification OMA-TS-DS_DataObjFolder-V1_2-20060316-C.pdf
SyncML Data Sync Protocol OMA-TS-DS_Protocol-V1_2-20060316-C.pdf
SyncML Representation Protocol, Data Synchronization Usage OMA-TS-SyncML-DataSyncRep-V1_2-20060316-C.pdf
SyncML Device Information OMA-TS-DS_DevInf-V1_2-20060316-C.pdf
DTD DTD for the OMA DS Device Information. DS_DevInf_V1_2.dtd
Application characteristics Application characteristics for OMA Data Synchronization OMA-TS-DS-W5AppChar-V1_2-20060316-C.txt
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