Copyright  DigitalVisionThe name hay fever is misleading because symptoms don't just occur in autumn when hay is gathered and never include fever. Find out more about hay fever and perennial rhinitis
Coeliac disease (Coeliac sprue or gluten allergy)
Food allergies
Food allergy and cross-reactions
Hay fever and allergic perennial rhinitis
Health advice on coughing
House dust mite allergy
Lactose intolerance
Lactose tolerance test
Medicines for allergies
Nettle rash (Hives)
Patch testing for skin allergies
Pet allergies
Reducing your exposure to triggers
Solar urticaria
Stings and insect bites

Asthma and children
Asthma brought on by exercise
How to use your metered dose inhaler
How to use your peak flow meter
How to use your spacer device
Tests that you may have to undergo
Extent of asthma in the UK
Helping your child to understand and manage their asthma
Importance of keeping a daily asthma diary
Importance of taking your asthma medication
Medicines for asthma
Pros and cons of complementary treatments for asthma
Reducing your exposure to triggers
What to tell your doctor during a consultation

Asthma - vision of the future (May 2000)

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