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You may be looking forward to the arrival of your baby, but pets can become stressed and unhappy. So what are the risks? Can pets and babies really mix?
How do I know if I'm pregnant?

Assisted conception and infertility
Natural family planning (Fertility awareness)

Pregnancy health
Is your baby developing normally?
Exercising during pregnancy
Pregnancy and smoking
What should I eat during pregnancy?
Pregnancy and travel
Sex during pregnancy

Tests, scans, exams
Chromosome abnormalities in the unborn child
Ultrasound scans during pregnancy
Pelvic examination

Common complaints
Anaemia during pregnancy
Morning sickness and nausea
Pelvic arthropathy
Pregnancy diabetes (gestational diabetes)
Skin rashes in pregnancy
Sleep problems

Complications in pregnancy
Bleeding in the late stages of pregnancy
Dilation and curettage (D&C)
Ectopic pregnancy
Lower abdominal pain

Labour and birth
Caesarean section
Delivery - what are the options?
Drips in pregnancy and labour
Epidural anaesthesia
Giving birth - what to take to the hospital
When does labour begin?

After the birth
Special care after childbirth
The first six weeks
Is your baby developing normally?
Breastfeeding or milk powder?
Breast inflammation
Feeding a baby (0-12 months)
Why do babies cry?
Childhood vaccinations
Postnatal depression
Prolapse (uterine)
Sex after giving birth

Unplanned pregnancy
Coping with an unplanned pregnancy
Termination of pregnancy
Coping with the termination of a pregnancy

Conception and the early months
The miracle of life and making it happen
First visit to the GP?
IVF - 25 years on
I feel terrible: I must be pregnant
OTC medicines in pregnancy
Pregnancy: a testing time?
To eat or not to eat
Have baby will travel

Well on your way
Pets, pregnancy and your baby
The NetDoctor guide to maternity rights
The NetDoctor guide to paternity rights
Yoga benefits

The birth
Complications during labour
Does labour need to be a pain?
Too posh to push?

Tea for two
Copyright  PhotoDisc Eating well during pregnancy will boost your baby's health and your own.
Exercise and pregnancy
Staying active will strengthen your body, improve muscle tone and can help prevent common niggles such as constipation.
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