- make ringtones for free


Compose your ringtone by clicking on the keys on the piano keyboard. Notice that each key is broken into five parts. The different parts of the key produce notes of different durations. The top part of each key creates a sisxteenth note, the second part creates an eighth note, the third part creats a quarter note, the fourth part creates a half note and the bottom part creates a whole note.

You can manually edit your notes if you want.

Note prefixes are: 'w' = whole note, 'h' = half note, 'q' = quarter note, 'e' = eighth note, 's' = sixteenth note.

Enter 'C3' for middle C. The notes range from 'C1' to 'C5'. Sharps are written with a small 's' following the note. Middle C sharp = Cs3.

Seperate notes with spaces. You can also enter rests by entering 'wrest' for a whole note rest, 'hrest' for a half note rest etc.

You can make different sounds by selecting different instruments from the instrument pulldown menu.

You can speed up or slow down your ringtone by changing your selection in the tempo pulldown menu.