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Premises, Premises: About This Site
About This Site

Premises, Premises is the personal project of Paul Spinrad, a writer, editor, programmer, and enthusiast living in San Francisco, California. It is run for fun, not profit, and has been funded out of Paul's own pocket.

The mission of Premises, Premises is to provide a protected forum where people can buy, sell, and share good original ideas at low prices. The policies and infrastructure of this site are designed to make it preferable from a business standpoint to:

  1. Buy interesting ideas which you see here (and haven't already considered) directly and openly, giving credit to their owners/authors, rather than using them without their permission and trying to cover your tracks.
  2. Look outside your company, to forums such as this, as one potential source for good ideas (as well as for an unvarnished sense of what the public imagines your capabilities to be).
Note, however, that not all of the ideas listed on Premises, Premises are serious.

OK, I'm switching to the first-person now. You can contact me at:

pspinrad at premisespremises dot com
(I read my email at least once per day during the week.)
Thanks for visiting this site and reading this far!