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Baronial News

  • Baron Teric and Baroness Paigan announce candidates for the Baronial Polling:
    • Baron Alexander MacGregor with Lady Rhiannon de
    • Lord Alexander MacRus with his Lady, Cassandra de
    • Lord Owynn Greenwood with Mistress Mercedes de

      Read the Seneschal's introductory letter
  • New Baronial Champions!
    Tournaments and competitions were held at Quest AS XLI (2006) to select the new Baronial Champions. They are:

    Champion of Arms - Master Ali Abbas al-Gazzaz known to all as Arab Boy
    Champion of Fence - Don Orlando Sfora
    Thrown Weapons Champion - Lord Sebastian Estevenez de Xavier
    Archery Champion - Lord Rupert the Unbalanced
    Bardic Champion - Lady Mina de Lis
    Arts & Sciences Champion - Lady Rachel of Bhakail

  • Sad News
    On Monday, December 20, 2004, our dear friend Baron Eirik Rodbjorn passed from this world to the next. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife Baroness Merlynia the Faye of Rivenoak, his sister Lady Lydia Oenothera Fitzwalter, and their families.

    (More details)

    Fond memories, links to photos, and other discussions can be found at the Settmour Yahoo group.

  • From the Sinking Tower Pursuivant - Heraldry Project
    Our Baronial Pursuivant is working on a heraldry project for the Barony: an Order of Precedence and a listing (with pictures) of everyone's heraldic arms and/or badges.

    The Order of Precedence is a listing of the Baronial and Kingdom awards held by each person in the Barony. The collection of armory and badges will help encourage heraldic displays and provide a "cheat sheet" for scribes who are doing awards for Baronial citizens.

    If you'd like to be included in these lists, please e-mail Mistress Ailis with

    1. Your SCAdian and mundane names
    2. a list of SCA awards you hold
    3. the blazon or other description of your arms/badge. (Or, if your arms/badges have been already passed by the collect of heralds, let her know, and she can look them up.)

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