Introductions and Explanations

A brief introduction to the subject

Read this if you're thinking about posting on the boards.

A guide to telling online message boards about therianthropy.

Whether or not to tell your friends how to do it.

Ranting about the idiots martyring themselves for the 'cause'.

>> Alt.horror.werewolves Core FAQ


Language, Semantics, Definitions

What "therianthropy" means and where it comes from.

My thoughts on the 2002 proposal to change term definitions.

Why our language shouldn't be so hung up in slang.

Written when I was fifteen, for the ORC - very outdated.

>> Reference list of definitions from Webster's.



An Introduction to Shifting for Newbies

Step-by-Step Instructions for Shifting

Meditation as a Useful Tool

Real Guide to Physical Shifting

>> Historical Perspectives on Shapeshifting


Swift's Thoughts

Jaguar Thrives on Rage

Different Places, Different Cultures, Different Velocities

Animal Folk: Being Alone Sucks

Undertree: Being Alone is Perfect

Excuses for the High School Therian

Cities vs. Countryside

Swift's Interview with an Utahraptor

Therian Zoophiles

Afterlife: Heaven, Hell, or the Amazon?

Reincarnation and Therianthropy

Disconnect: How to Get Your Animal Back

Teenagers Can't Possibly be Mature

Automatic Reactions: Wereism and Racism


Sex, Therians, Parents

>> A Beautiful Question

>> ...and stay extinct!

>> Unified Theory of Therianthropy - v1.0



Resources for Further Research, by Species

A Taste of my Perspective

Midnight Pride: Fluffy Vampire Kitties of Light

The new generation of Pseudo-Felines

Feline and Werewolf Packs


Online Community

Responsibility: Stop Making Excuses!

Future of Online Therianthropy

Stop your whining! Go outside!

Purples and Blues: An Ode to

Fluffy Werebunnies In Our Communities

What goes into choosing a werename

It's Personal Therianthropy.

Greymuzzles? Where are They?

Whims of the Otherkin

This is the Age of Illusions

The Need for Patience


Humor   (found in chain letters)

Wrapping Presents (for cat owners)

Kitty Swear (don't be drinking anything, I warn you)