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2001 Royal Visit


1. What province or territory's name almost became "New Caledonia" because of a royal preference?
  1. British Columbia
  2. Nova Scotia
  3. Prince Edward Island
a. (Queen Victoria's personal preference for the name of the British colony was New Caledonia as a tribute to Scotland - a country the Romans had called Caledonia but never conquered.)

2. Up to the time of Confederation, how many French and British Sovereigns ruled over Canada?
  1. 9 / 19
  2. 12 /21
  3. 15 / 18
a. (François I (1515 - 1547) to Louis XV (1715 - 1775) / Henry VII (1485 - 1509) to Victoria (1837 - 1901). After Confederation, Sovereigns reigned as constitutional monarchs and so did not rule.)

3. When Queen Elizabeth II visited the Canadian north in 1959, the Hudson's Bay Company was required to give her something. What was it?
  1. Three sovereign coins
  2. A reaffirmation of loyalty
  3. Two elk skins and two black beaver pelts
c. (The Hudson Bay Company's charter of 1670 was granted by King Charles II. It stipulates that these items be presented whenever the Sovereign or heirs and successors visit the area originally called Rupert's Land. The ceremony was first conducted in 1939 with the Queen's father, King George VI.)

4. Queen Victoria once called Sir John A. Macdonald
  1. "My most faithful Canadian servant"
  2. "That objectionable silly meddler"
  3. "An interesting, agreeable old man"
c (The irony is that Sir John A. was only three years older than the Queen. She apparently made the comment upon hearing of the death of Canada's first Prime Minister.)

5. The famous Royal 22nd Regiment must share an honour with 13 other Canadian regiments. What is it?
  1. The term "Royal"
  2. Regimental Colours
  3. Colonel-in Chief
c. (Her Majesty The Queen is Colonel-in Chief of fourteen Canadian regiments.)

6. Our country's name is Canada. What is its official title?
  1. Confederation
  2. Dominion
  3. Commonweatlh
b. (As dictated by the British North America Act, 1867, the title is Dominion of Canada. The term is a uniquely Canadian one, implying independence and not colonial status, and was developed as a tribute to the Monarchical principle at the time of Confederation.)

7. In the early 1980s, it was said of the Duke of York (earlier styled The Prince Andrew) that he returned to Britain from Canada more self-confident, mature, thoughtful and responsible. Why?
  1. He had undertaken military survival training
  2. He had been a student
  3. He had had an almost fatal meeting with a black bear
b. (His Royal Highness attended Lakefield College School, near Peterborough, Ontario in the late 1970s.)

8. When the Speaker of the House of Commons is elected by his/her peers, by custom he/she does something when escorted to the chair (by the Prime Minister and Leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition) that is related to the Sovereign. What is it?
  1. drags feet and protests
  2. bows to the Mace
  3. places a tricorn hat on his/her head
a. (In 1399, the first Speaker of the British House of Commons incurred the wrath of the King and was beheaded. It has been tradition ever since in Britain and in Canada for the Speaker to feign his/her "unwillingness" to assume the position.)

9. The first member of the British Royal Family to set foot on what is today Canadian soil was
  1. Prince William
  2. Prince Albert
  3. Prince George
a. (As part of a naval contingent serving in North America and the West Indies, Prince William (later King William IV) visited Newfoundland in June 1786 and later the British naval installation at Halifax.)

10. We live in an age of television. Do you know where and when Queen Elizabeth II made her début on live television?
  1. London, England (1953)
  2. Ottawa, Ontario (1957)
  3. Prescott, Ontario (1959)
c. (The first live appearance was part of coverage of the official opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway on June 26 near Prescott. All Her Majesty's previous appearances had been filmed.)

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