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Welcome to the website of Dragon Dog Press, creators of the Ryu-Ki System roleplaying game and new home of Uncle Figgy and the Uncle Figgy's Guides.

April 3, 2006
April Freebie Available!!!
This April hosts Easter, a time of rebirth and resurrection. To celebrate such a time, we bring you the Necromancer -- a new official character type complete with four new Special Abilities and a whole new Thima Stone!!
We hope you enjoy the Freebie Goodness! (Of course, you still need the full version of the Ryu-Ki System : Sunserra game to use these freebies.)

In other news, Dragon Dog Press will be at ShowMeCon 4 in St. Louis, MO -- Apr. 21-23, 2006. Hope to see you there!

Ryu-Ki System TM: SunserraTM is now available. Cover Price: $29.95, ISBN 0-9770121-0-7. Buy it Now!

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